Third grow here with Ilgm seeds

Fox farm soil
Ph 6.3
Ff nutes
4x4 tent

Well I got the idea for this grow from @dbrn32 , what I would do different.
So anyway I fit 8x5 gallon pots and 2x1 gallon in my 4x4 and focused on main

4x banana kush clones
2x gold leaf
1x cherry pie
2x Girl Scout cookies extreme

6 weeks into flower


Looks great!

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Great grow!!!

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Nice, they look great :+1:

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Looking great! If you get a chance, can you take a picture of just the cherry pie? Think she is on my next order list. Keep up the great work!


Appears to working. Mission accomplished. I’m germinating some strawberry kush now and thinking of doing something similar. Maybe 6-8 colas depending on branch formation. Beauties!
How long did they veg?
Ocean forest? Happy frog?
FF nutes - trio? other line?
just curious, I use OF and trio


Looks good can’t wait til I get to that stage

Ff trio
8 weeks of veg

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I thinking about making the girl scout cookies extreme one of my first orders from ILGM that and maybe green crack for more of an energy high

@Dagao22 I did Girl Scout cookie extreme for my first grow, beautiful plant! Hopefully some good buds too.

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There really nice I’m sure the buds will be great

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Cherry pie

Buds are very dense, rock hard.
They are falling over from the weight. I’m propping them up best I can


Thank you!!! Any issue with her grow? Beautiful work!! How’s she smell?

She’s great and smells great

Wow looks amazing I bet they smell great out of likes