Third Grow: Four Autos in a 2x4 Tent

Looking really good


Water/nutes day…sticking with 3/4 Jack’s w/silica & Big Bud. They definitely musta had nutrient lockout because they took off again.

The Gelato buds are getting nicer…

And the Gorilla Glue is getting some trichomes…

I’m not putting any time limits or constraints on this group, when they look ready, I’ll start winding them down. That may throw a wrench in the next group of girls that currently reside in Solo cups though.

Good problems to have…:rofl:


How do you like growing the gorilla glue? I just started a couple two weeks ago.
Looking forward to seeing your harvest buddy!

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It’s been a good, healthy grow…steady growth, albeit a slow grower. Seems a bit behind the others in maturity, but the buds are fat & sticky!

I’m realizing that you have to throw out the growing time frames suggested by the seed providers as merely a suggestion…they’re ready when they’re ready. I seem to use 14 weeks as a baseline in my head, plus or minus a few weeks…which seems to be consistently on the plus side! These seeds are from ILGM’s Mix Pack.

The next time I grow one I’ll put it in a 5 gallon pot to see how it does.


Lol yeah, merely a suggestion is right.
Same. With the thc. % basicly let’s you know is it low medium Or high potential.

Glad things are panning out, rushing is never good and I hear the gorilla glue really packs it on in late flower.

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Today was watering day. Sticking with 3/4 Jacks/silica/Big Bud at 2 1/2 liters each. Looks like we’re back to growing buds again…

GSCE auto…you can see the new growth as the green against the purple/burgundy colors.

Gorilla Glue auto is still packing it on…

Gelato is looking & smelling great…

Last but not least, little Big Bud is sticky & gooey…

The kids (GDP & Purple Hulk auto) are getting big and three are very close to transplant. Still using ILGM seedling nutes with a bit of silica…

Staying the course…gunna run out of room soon. Need more :tent:!


They are stacking, can you show us a whole plant pictures of the two lady’s who are getting chunky

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As of this morning…had to move little Big Bud back into the 2x4 because I had to transplant the new girls and put them in the 2x2 tent. When the plants stalled for a few weeks with nutrient lockout, it threw off my timing for the next round by two weeks.


Today was transplant day for 3 of the four baby girls. Gave them 6 1/2oz of seeding nutes with a little silica. Once they were wet and sat for a few hours, they were easier to get out of the cups.

Sticking with Happy Frog & 3 gallon pots…

I’ll start them on Jacks at the next feeding.


Plants + timing = :rofl::sweat_smile::rofl::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: that is the one thing I’m 100% sure about with plants they never do exactly what you want them to do.

Lookin good :+1: though, the 2x4 looks pretty smelly


:rofl: Funny you should mention that since this grow is very smelly…and my charcoal filters are fighting a losing battle after almost a year’s time. Last week I washed the filter covers and set them outside for a few hours to air/dry out and little, then put them back in place…and you can still smell the plants. I just ordered new ones and I’ll dry out the old ones for a few weeks to see if I can revive them.

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I dont have anything to compare them to…thgis is my first grow…I purchased 5 white widow cbd autoflower from them. I germinated 3 and put the other 2 in refrigerator storage…all 3 I germinated did great and now they are 26 days old and doing well. First grow. I would buy from them again

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