Third Grow: Four Autos in a 2x4 Tent

So far this indoor growing thing is really fun, so I decided to up my game after watching @Axemanjake23 grow 8 plants in the same space. At the same time, I know my limitations based on my work schedule & my patented brand of semi-laziness. I’m not sure I have the patience to grow photos…dealing with pin holes, hermies, light flips, strategic trimmings, and the strict nutrient schedules. Autos seems like a perfect fit for me. I can deal with the smaller harvests, the diminished quality of the bud, and weird character traits of the plants. Not to mention I travel a lot for work…most of which is with short notice. That being said, here goes grow number three.

Auto Seeds: Gorilla Glue & GSC Extreme from ILGM.
Gelato & Big Bud from MSNL.

Tent: Gorilla Shorty 2’x4’x66”

Light: HLG 260XL & UV-30

Soil: Fox Farms Happy Frog

Nutrients: Jacks 321, ILGM Seedling fertilizer, Mykos, Tribus Original, Silica, Big Bud

This grow actually started a little over a month ago but I just decided to start this journal.

Here are the baby girls when they were born…while I dropped the seeds close together, they popped days apart.

Then they did some growing over the next few weeks…

Then came some transplanting…

Here we are as of last weekend, all transplanted and two already LST’d…

Gunna be interesting…


Damn right. Use every inch man. I love autos and photos for different reasons. I am set to watch.


Hey guys, I’m at it again! Please keep an eye on me to make sure I don’t F’up… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sunglasses:

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Thanks guys… @WhiteLightning @kdawg @LFSHUMP @crazy1 @Pinboy @Herbology

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Thanks man…greatly appreciated!

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I was keeping an eye on you before you tagged me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


Thanks bro…even though I know you don’t like autos!! :rofl:

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That might be true, but it’s still weed growing! I’m good!


Ummm what? Lol
Maybe some genetics but modern autos are :fire: if you get solid stuff.

I’m tapped in, around just sorta off in Lala land most of the day learning how to press rosin so I can try and show off my skills eventually.


@IP54 hey I’ve been contimplating buying some seeds from ilgm but I haven’t heard much about them, I recently joined this forum and want to try some, as the 420fastbuds fem autos I don’t give a very good review, I’m looking for better quality seeds!! Are ILGM seeds pretty solid for the money?

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Set to watch my man! Congrats on the last grow! I love how we got grows going at the same time. I think we started pretty close together and continue on.
Happy growing bud! Can’t wait to see what you put out this time.

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Watching, looks like you’re off to a great start.

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I’m watching your thread about the presses as I was just starting to look at them myself in preparation of taking that step. But first I want to get through the edible making process since my daughter & son-in-law bought me a LEVO 2 for Christmas. I’m probably 6-8 months away from buying one. Keep us posted…even with the growing pains, that’s how we all learn!


I know… :sunglasses:…we seem to be in lockstep since we both started…experiencing the same things at the same time. Kinda cool really, we’re like GrowBro brutha’s from another Motha’!

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:rofl: Just spewing the rhetoric we all read…personally, I think they’re solid in strength & flavor so far. So much so that I have no intension of bailing on them as long as the yields remain solid.

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Honestly, when I started out I bought from ILGM and thought I found a home for all my buying needs. They have a great selection and their shipping is rock solid. But then I had some strains not germinate…like, every seed in that batch. After emailing them, they wanted me to try germinating all of the rest in that mixed pack or order before they replace the ones that didn’t germinate…and that could be another 3-6 months. That kinda didn’t sit well with me so I started looking around at other places which were way less money. Being that I love this forum, I will continue to buy from ILGM in support…but I’m now open to other sellers if I read good things about them.



Honestly it comes down to environment and grower experience majority of the time. Genetics is an important part but autos are a different beast and if you don’t have things dialed in you won’t like autos period.
Every strain is different to, I could grow the best auto genetics (mephisto some say) of a small indica plant vs something big like a lemon ak or northern lights from fast buds and that wouldn’t be a fair comparison.

I personally think fast buds is the bench mark, they don’t have the best genetics but every auto should be as good as theirs or better. You can look at my threads to show that fast buds plants are more than capable of solid yeilds and vigor.
ILGM has good photo seeds but I’m iffy on their autos. This goes for every photo breeder, if breeders don’t specialize in auto breeding (like fastbuds and mephisto) then it’s very strain dependant as to which autos that breeder has that is any good.
I currently I would only grow a GSCE auto from ilgm, seems to be a long grow but a big plant. Others are hit or miss if they re autos, hopefully they refine their lines a bit more.


Wow bro, I can’t tell you enough how informative this was for me, I think the toughness of growing the crystal meth strain is the source of my I’ll thoughts towards 420fastbuds, but I’m learning to trust the advice I ask for on here, I LOVE THIS FORUM, I love that there are ppl who actually love and are passionate about growing marijuana, and get a great deal of gratification from helping the new guys, such as myself, I think I’ll try some from ILGM and I’ll give 420fastbuds another try with a different strain, but I could use some suggestions on what are some good strains for fairly new grower, that give large yields PLEASE.


Really a great thread, and I appreciate the time you took doing this!

I have had really good luck out of dutch passion. Their autos are great producers, with dense, colorful, resin covered buds.