Third grow and the best yet

So pretty

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True is true.
Not only as you described, now throw in a SCROG & net and the judgement factor and the unknown is magnified.
I grew some Northern Lights a while back. Great plants, beautiful buds. And, in the end I think they gave all they could based on how I pruned and trained them. i.e. before I found growers like you, Arrow, and others

You can see it has way too much going on. I think it would have faired much better with “Less is More” concept


I’m still learning with every grow I’m just now working on my 4th year growing inside before that I didn’t train my plants except maybe topping and thinning out because I was in the woods and there was times I didn’t even see them for 2 months.
I’ve never scrog’ed I bought a net but it hasn’t left the package yet :sweat_smile:
My first 2 years I only had a couple 100w blurple lights and I’ll tell you what that’s how I learned about light penitration and growing in a sog because they would only penitrate like 6-8" but those little lights thought me alot… I looked for some of those pictures but I don’t have any that old on here


I get in there early. Just before flower I clean out the bottom and inside of the plant.

This is her today. About 7 weeks in flower.

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