Third grow and the best yet

Thanks to everyone here for all the amazing posts and advice. Helped me through my first grow, made the second one even better, and now the third one I’m finally confident to post a picture of my results. These forums are an amazing tool to find answers to most any situations that could come up.
First grow was 5 Oz one one plant. Second time 11.5 Oz. This time, we shall see, but despite the amount, they look the best they have.

White widow clones in soil

Viparspectar xs2000
Ocean forest soil
Fox farms nutes.

Much love!!


Every harvest is better. Nice looking bud. I like WW.


I think I’m ready for a new challenge

Is it, that you are doing a better job managing the soil and nutrients? Or, did you add or improve plant training? That is a good looking bud. What ever the weight, well done.


Oh that reminds me of my third grow. Was over confident. Lost 1 to nute burn. Boy is that ugly. The other three survived somehow despite major pH issues. I got a little better after that. :sunglasses:


I’ve been doing this for a minute and I still eff up like clockwork lol.


Good work!

Beautiful buds
Well done

I was a little more hands off. As in. I didn’t prune as much as the first 2 times. I let it grow out a bit more.
The first 2 times I was so fixated on getting an even scrog canopy that I think I stunted the growth a couple times. This time. The buds had full development time.

Going forward I have to find a happy middle ground. The bottom 1/3 of these plants are a waste because they aren’t getting enough light with my led. But the colas are the best they have ever been.


Looks great :+1:

I’m wishing I had that much WW myself

Nice buds :+1: this is a great hobby it’s just challenging enough that it makes it alot of fun, and with so many different strains I don’t know how it could ever get boring

If that’s anything like my ww was, that’s some stanky ish

Achieving a good balance of when and how much has a lot to with it. I have taken note of how good growers around here approach it. And @MeEasy is certainly one of them. As flip time approaches I am thinning and cleaning out the bottoms. After flip I look more toward the middle and center of the plants. Third week I work on upper areas. I mostly follow the outline prescribed by Nebula Haze, co-founder of Growweedeasy DOT com.
And of course it all starts with a good base and the pruning / training done to obtain one. I am strongly in favor of the manifold or mainline styles.
Growing is great fun. If I screw something up, I can try to correct it next time, or I am sometimes given the chance to make it right during the grow.


Or you could do like me and let it grow wild

Just kidding, don’t do like me, ima have to figure out how to even get in there to do some much needed defoliation and due to lack of training, it’s going to be a task

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Thanks @beardless for the good grower comment :+1:… I think that the key to the bottoms is what’s up top “your light”. Learning how much penitration your light is capable of and go from there, of course the plants make this more challenging because plants don’t all grow the same. This just means it’s not a science it’s a judgment. I’ll trim up the bottom to what I think my light will do and throughout the grow I literally look and squeeze some of the buds down around the bottoms and if it feels/looks larfy it gets cut off. Here’s two examples one picture is from under 650w light the colas are like 2 feet long the other picture is from under a 200w light the colas are probably less than a foot long these are a little short I could have gotten a little more but I didn’t get as much stretch as I thought I would oops :eyes::grin:

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I let these grow wild… I’ll train next grow.


Omg :scream: if mine looks anything like that towards the end, I will be a very happy person

Budz out the wazoo


I was. Harvested a total of 9.5 ounces of useable buds (7.5 of smokable, and 2 of lesser quality for edibles)

I got a measly 1 1/2 zip from mine so yeah that kinda trim jail is the kind of time served I’d like

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From chop till hanging, it took me about 13 and a half hours. My back hurt, and my eyes were crossed, but I didn’t mind at all. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: