Third grow and still making rookie mistakes

Here I am , 2 weeks from harvest and wondering why my buds are not larger. I think I solved the larffy buds problem by purchasing much better lighting, but, I expected larger buds.
I have a 4x4 flower tent with two Gelato Cake And one Gelato OG. Two weeks out the buds are dense and full, just not as large as anticipated. I just figued it out. I want to kick my own stupid ass down th street. PH,PH,PH! ! ! I have been useing Jacks nutes mixed in one gal batches and grow in FFOF soil. I always add a little Nectar of the gods and a touch of Black Strap Molasses just for the soil. The Jacks is always weighed and measured. The water is RO with a PH of 6.3. Soil is 6.3. Nothing there changes. My major mistake comes when I failed to test the PH AFTER mixing this concoction. 4 point fucking 9. Why it never dawned on me before, I dodnt know. This is the great thing about this forum. Maybe I may prevent someone else from making the same mistake.
The rounded buds in the pictures are the Gelato OG.Only one plant. The other two are Gelato Cake. The fourth with no buds is a French Macaroon. I just added it from veg tent this week.


Stay diligent brother…it will get better!

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We try. Second time is my fault!

Looking great dude

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That is how we learn! I made that mistake once not pHing when I added some silica. Luckily I searched silica on this forum and found the info I needed quickly.

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I am surprised they didn’t scream at you…or give you some notification. Yeah 4.9 is low. It is really low even for coco and you are in soil. My problem is having high pH.
If you were not checking the ph of the mix going in I assume you were not checking runoff pH. Put that on your MUST do list for next time. PH & ppm go together. check both in and out.


Thanks Grobro. Imagine what it could have been if I hadn’t added feedings with such low PHs.

I haven’t ever done that. Makes sense to me. You would assume they would be the same or at least close. But, you know what they say about assuming. THANKS FOR THE GOOD WORD!!

It is great to have this forum! I have learned so much. We all make a difference. Have a great day Jane

Once you establish a baseline pH & ppm, primarily from a soil slurry and first couple of feeds, you monitor the numbers through runoff. Hopefully, yes they do not change dramatically. However, that is not usually the case. Over time my soil ph runoff numbers would drop from 6.8 feed rate to 6.2 - 6.3. This typically means unused fertilizers (salts) are building up in the soil. The only way you know about the changes and the need to take corrective actions is by knowing and monitoring the numbers.

Good word!! I am not a lazy sort and will take your advice to hart. Thank You. I am home 1 1/2 days a week and try to keep up. I love this hoby and will see better results thanks to you. Cool