Thinning bushy huge plant

Have a 3 mo. 61/2 foot OG/PP supper bushy, worried branches won’t support bud weight


If you can try and find some natural bamboo poles or garden stakes, home depot or lowes usually have the stakes but a nursery will have both and more of a size variety. When you find some just YouTube outdoors cannabis supports or something to the extent of that and you can get an idea on what method you want to use to build a support system. I would watch vids first actually to get an idea on how many stakes you’ll need.


Welcome to the community ! I’d be going on a little hike looking for some small forked in saplings, or go down to the local Garden Center as @Dbpooper mentioned.
absolutely beautiful brother that’s one to be proud of.

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@RickA Welcome to the forum.Nice looking plant

How much longer before she will even start to flower?

@OlyBoy98503, look at this girl


FFS! That is gorgeous! I’d be concerned too with a plant that size supporting monster buds.

Rick, @Cannabian Shared this picture with me:

Check the pic out close. I don’t know the name of that branch support system (side scrogging?), but something like that might also work for you.

@Raysvols69… you grow some big darn plants, what advice might you have for Rick?

Where about do you live (latitude)? I can’t wait to watch this beauty go into flower. What do you feed that beast? If you’ve got another grow journal going with this plant, please tag me in it.

@SweetsOnDeck @DankBank22 @violagirl0 @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie @keegrows Scroll up! We’d all be so lucky to have this kind of problem!


Damn! @RickA…That’s Impressive Sir.

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I hope your neighbors are understanding, because the lovely smell that she’s going to be putting out in a month or so will be… I don’t know the word for it…

Anyone help me out?




Wondering how much he topped…the down side to having these that big is keeping the buds from breaking your plant down…man that’s 4 pounder?lol…:v:

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Dude go to the hardware store and buy 20 feet of 6inch wire concrete mesh. Make a tight hoop around that plant and pull the growing tips through the squares. Do it now before the plant starts to bud.
If you need to go higher than that, doubtful, but if you do, get 2x2 or rebar and wire it to the cage and add another hoop. Its what we do to hold big plants up. Dont be afraid to squeeze the plant a bit. Also you may want to take a zip cutter and cut a 2 x 2 foot access hole in the bottom of the cage to clean out the inside of the plant

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the plant in the picture I posted is likely in the 10 to 12 pound range.

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Thats a nice bush! Shes gonna get smelly soon :laughing:

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