Thinner stems on bottom. Normal?

First timer. Critical auto flowers at 3 weeks. I think I’m losing one but 4 look pretty good. Are they getting too tall and not full enough? Their stems are thinner on the bottom than the new growth? Is this normal? I raised the lights today to about 18 inches. They’re getting new growth. Just worried they aren’t getting full enough. Maybe I’m expecting too much for just 3 weeks? Any and all help appreciated. Thanks

Some pics

Patience young Jedi. Channel your energy and they will grow as destined. Your girls look pretty good, just a little slow out the gate. Not to worry they are growing underground too and that is not apparent to us mortals. The growth may shock you when they get a good footing.


:rofl::joy: okay okay. I’m trying to stop the worry. Loving this so much. Just trying to do my best for them. Thank you, Master Yoda. Oooohhhmmmmmm

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Pretty normal. You can add more soil and that part of the stem will sprout roots


Thank you!