Thinking was fruits flyes, in fact it is fungus nat 😠


I notice those flying insect two weeks ago and did not put proper care because i was thinking they were fruits flyes. But after noticing some problem beginning yesterday, I capture one and magnify it and to my surprise it’s fungus nat😲.

I’m trying a mix of cinnamon oil (10 ml), pure castille oil 18 in 1 tea tree (2 ml) and neem oil (5 ml) diluted in 570 ml (a pint) of tap water (for the chlorine). I hope that’s gone a do the trick. I’m open to suggestions :wink:

How to kill fungus gnats larvae

Nematodes and sticky traps will work… or about an 1/2 inch layer of fine “play” sand on the top of your soil/medium will stop them… even light watering to keep the soil dry can cut back on the production of larva. I’ve used all these techniques with success. Good luck! :+1:


Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:, majicmarkers


You over watering just put a strong oscillating fan over the pot to help dry your medium .


Thanks yoshi, I only have a clip fan of 6 inch but she have some power, did i have to wait a few hours even a day because i have soil spayed my concoction just an hour ago? And you’re absoletly right, i’m founding out that i’m overwatering, my clay pebbles forgive my mistake for my ladies but the soil don’t.


You can put it on there now . 3-5 gallon pot a gallon is plenty and any pot size smaller a half gallon is plenty for when I grow my tomatoes !


Thanks and by the way, I found that are selling the fungus nat nix.


Increasing air flow tends to make flying harder on them, and may help with humidity.

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Thanks Dumme, Happy Holidays to you too :smiley:.


Thanks, by the way, do you think my concoction will work ?


That gnatnix works pretty good. You put a 2 inch layer on top of soil and it becomes hard like concrete so they cant get to surface.


@garrigan62 has a pretty great tabacco recipe


The gnatnix mixed with a heavy layer of food grade DE and watering less exterminated them for me…


Update : It’s working, no more émergence and with the help of the fan they all landing on a bowl with water and enough pure castille oil to form a layer and they’re stock there and die :smiling_imp:

I place my order of gnatnix on but only gone a receive it somewhere next week . In the mean time, I will buy some food grade fresh water diatomea in my nearest gardening store in prevention.

And by the way, my concoction is defenitivly not for foliar spray, it cause chemical burn like and I have to sacrifice a couple of leaf , just hoping that it will not affect the growt. I have just do a lite foliar spray with 0 ppm five stage filtred water, no soil watering until it’s dry enough.:wink:

Thanks very much for the precious advise from all of you.:innocent:


Update : could not found anywere near me diatomea, white sand or something like that, not the season here in Canada for stores to keep an inventory or at least in my area. Fungus gnat are returning, I have found the source, i’m pretty sure, and get rid of it. I have order Gnat nix but i received an update from that I will have a 40$ charge by the vendor for delivery, I don’t like to be scam, so i canceled it. 80$ for that, no thanks. So other suggestions…

@garrigan62 i heard that you have a special tobacco infusion for that ! ?:slight_smile: Do you think you can share it with me, please :innocent:

Dr.Danks Acapulco Gold & Blue Dream

This is garrigans recipe I screenshotted for you… Very useful recipe


Thanks @Dr.DankThumb420 :innocent::slight_smile:


@Niala , find safer soap ,mix and water the soil add a fan to dry faster . repeat every 3 days for 3-4 times then cover soil with food grade DE .
Hammer .



Here are a few other idea’s

Put potato slices on the surface of the soil. The larvae like it and will be drawn to it… After about 4 to 5 days, remove the potato slices with the larvae. To get rid of them you can do a lot of things like either use a NO pest strip, neem oil or putting sand on the surface of the soil will suffocate the eggs and get rid of them as well. Tobacco juice kills them, and works well for re-occurrences!

They can be in or on the soil and can fly. In order to get rid of them you can use neem oil, sand or perlite on the surface again kills them, and no pest strips catch the ones that fly. A chemical product called Zone works very well and is very powerful and works well in Hydroponics/Aeroponics!



Thanks @Hammer and if by DE you meant Diatomea Earth, my local stores don’t keep it in inventory :confused: i will check on :innocent: