Thinking they are getting close


OK , so I watched all the vids on tri’s … I bought the Carson 60 - 120x pocket scope … GARBAGE !!! Today I received the 420 Microscope 60 - 200x for your phone camera … A bit better but you really need to mount your phone on a stand so you can get a good pic… I watched what the grow I want is, and it the late cycle, the "Sleepy time " cycle with having about 10 % amber tri’s mixed in with the cloudy ones… From what I could make out all 3 girls are still too clear for gathering time … Any other opinions would be greatly appreciated … Yep


Definitely see :eyes: amber, pretty much your call but if they were mine I wouldn’t let them go too much longer.

I can still see some clear ones also which clear trichomes are very low in thc if they have any at all but most are at least cloudy, the more I look the more I think harvest now. Have the buds got some good weight on them? Nice and plump?


Yep , Pretty fat and dense …


Everyone’s taste is different butt if they were mine it would be chop chop time then


Im gonna wait till the woman gets home… Her hand is a bit steadier than mine …lol. I think the cloudy ones you see from the pics are just out of focus . …Lemme get some better pics … (( To be continued… ))


Well I’m definitely not missing the amber though


A couple of things: clip a sample and take it to a stable location and from there you can set up at your leisure. Also; be sure you are taking samples from a bud calyx and not sugar leaves which mature more quickly than the THC on the bud sites.


I took off 2 samples from mid plants … Not sure if these are any better, but they still look a bit clear and i dont see any amber…


I do see amber and slightly milky. I think you are ready for the final push to harvest. If you are gonna do any voodoo, now is the time (stem splitting, darkness, water only etc.)


I flushed them twice about 10 days ago , They havent had any nutes for about 2 weeks now


@bluethumb from your pictures, it looks like you are checking the trichomes on the sugar leaves, that’s a nomo. You wanna make sure you’re checking the actual buds themselves


I did … I was able to get a stable pic this am and there is about 10 - 15 % amber … Checking all 3 girls revealed the same outcome , Mostly cloudy with a few clears and the amber coloring … I wanted to wait for more amber but my girl would rather the 50/50 energy / couch buzz … All in all the girls are hanging and for a first time grower , I thought they look pretty SWEET !!! Couldnt have done it without the help from all of you here at ILGM … Yep @Countryboyjvd1971 @Myfriendis410 @elheffe702 @dbrn32 @HornHead @bluntley420 @SmoknGranny @1BigFella and everyone else that helped me … Thank you !!! … Yep


Stop lying. This is not your first grow. They look too good to be your first. Outstanding, man. :clap: :clap: :clap: :fire: :deciduous_tree: :+1:


LOL , With everyone’s help … Yep … never even grew a tomato plant …, I was really surprised at the size of the root balls … They encompassed the ENTIRE 5 gallon pots … I thought I kept them in the veg stage a bit long … For my second time I am going to keep a journal … I’m figuring since I went with the Northern Lights fem. It was a good choice for a beginner … I just tried a sample I took off 2 days ago and thought it was a bit weak , then BAM !!! It hit me like a freight train !!!


That’s great to hear. Be patient and get a good cure on it, and it’ll be even better.


Wonderful :clap:t2: The hardest part now is waiting for it to cure :grin: