Thinking of water,ph and tds

6’x10’ room, 2-viparspectra 4000 watt led, 6” acinfinity exhaust ,3000 square foot dehumidifier, 7000 btu air conditioner,20” box fan. Temperature 74-82 humidity 50-65 % using promix hp in 4 gal pots, Bergman’s plant food,used distilled water so far ph 6.8 tds 2 just starting using tds tester…. So my seeds GG AUTO dropped 4/5/21 18 seeds dropped 18 plants growing 6 weeks later. Tested ph and tds runoff on all 18 results are ph 5.8-6.4 tds 175-750 all where done the same??? The plants vary in height, stage of growth and Internodal distance greatly??? Just became aware that calcium and magnesium are locked out below a ph of 6.5, is to later in cycle to add cal/mag solution and what would be best way to get ph up. 2nd question: my well water has tds of 98 and ph of 7.3 can I use this to water??? Have learned a lot from reading post and answers. Oh yeah this is my first indoor grow.

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Yes you can. You didn’t mention your medium,
Ph to 6.0-6.2 for soil
5.8 for coco
Same for hydro.

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Welcome to ILGM!

These are definitely not the same. 5.8 would be good for coco. 6.4 would be solid for soil. Whichever ur using, try to get them all around the proper range.

175 ppms is starving. 750 ppms is a good bit!

I bet if you looked at them slowly, the ones out of range have higher ppms (not eating as much cuz its out of range) and the ones in pH range have lower ppms (eating cuz more is available)

They look GREAT all the same!


5.8 to 6.2 is your happy zone for ph.


Haha i completely missd that. Good eye Old Guy

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Thanks brother. :joy::call_me_hand:

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Thanx for responding outside gorilla grow is hit and miss, hole, Dolomite lime, 10-10-10 and wait, lots to know on new way, took me 2 months to figure out how to post question :crazy_face:

Hell yeah! it is a great idea and blessing to have well water. Well water at 7.3 is a bit high,but easily maniupulated for growing. One might assume you have some metals accunulating in your wayer, as I do. A goodd RO systemin front of a nice reservoir and give you a balance and allow you to make amendments to your water that will make it al;l good.

Let me know if you need advice. :slight_smile:

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We can have an interesting debate. I PH promix,a nd I have a pallet of 3.4CF bags out front. :slight_smile: I PH Promix as I do soil.

Promix has Mychorazzae, dolonitic lime, wetting agent, perlite pear moss, and possiblt vermiculite. All ingredients for a soil mix except the dirt, and bone/blood meal.

I am open to discussing why you PH Promix as hydro PH. thanks

You referring to this?


Yessir. That’s the vid I was trying to reference.
Ive kept it in that range since you and Mattybear told me about it 3 years ago.
Far fewer issues with lockouts since doing that.


Glad this helped! I think he does good job explaining on how one could have success multiple ways for it being such a short video.


I would also be inclined to follow the video because it’s straight from the mouth of the manufacturer