Thinking of the future

So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how I’m going to go about my next year’s outdoor grow. I have a lot of things figured out but my question is; if I plan on starting, let’s say 4 beans sometime in February and then put them in raised beds outside when the frost is over, what size bed or how many gallons of soil would be recommended for each plant? I realize the desired size of the plant will play a large role. I want to get these plants as big as possible without having to spend an arm and a leg on a million gallons of soil haha

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100 gallon fabric pots you will get 1+ pounds off each


Thanks for the response! I’d like to put them in raised beds so they can grow into the ground as well. If I could afford 400+ gallons of soil, that is most definitely what I would be doing!


Ive seen monsters grown in 10 gallon fabric pots. Id imagine 25 would be that much larger without the price getting too crazy. But 4 pots? Run 4 - ten-fifteen gallons. N just be prepared if they need more by july


I did 4’x4x20” raised beds. I planted outdoors in March, started seeds indoor Jan 31.

Each box took 7 bags of soil(2 cu ft I believe)

I harvested in spring.

Journal here:

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