Thinking of switching grow medium

Looking for tips and opinions. Currently i am growing in Pro mix HP. Starting to have problems with excesses and deficiencies that i cant figure out. Probably looking to change to soil or something more suited for a beginner. Looking for any and all advice please.

I use fox farms happy frog.

Ive heard of that stuff. Can you give me an idea of how it works with feeding @SKORPION. Is it true its easier and less time consuming?

What are your issues? I found Promix HP to be incredibly easy.

I have a thread about it @Myfriendis410 ill tag you there also theres lots of pics. I have curling up and down, some weird interveinal browning, some serations curling in, nitrogen tox i think.

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Feeding starts after about week 4. I have the fox farm trio.

I have also begun looking at purple cow organics , they claimed no nutrients needed.

I had questions. Posted on thread.

I have found that most ont here use premixed soil for their grows. I personaly dont go that route always seemed to pricey for me, and having a soil that didnt have any extra nutes already added helped know when it was time to start adding.

I started with a simple 50/50 mix of top soil and composted manure. Started having problems hith the pot getting hard and packed, after harvest i had small denst root ball. And in summer the composted manure was giving me fungas gnats.
I then switched to 100% coco, works great at water retention and alowed me to cut back watering from every day to every 3 days. However the loose soil my plants started to lean and fall over it fhey got too tall.

So i switched again. Lol now I am back to a 50/50 mix of coco and top soil. I water every other day plants devope strong large root ball. And has amazing water retention and i can start my feeding routine according to my schedule opposed to the soil recommendations.
Hope it helps

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