Thinking of switching flower tent to HLG in 4x4 but a bit confused

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If I get the 550 Bspec to replace my veg lights could/should I add a UVA to it as well (if I can get them) or should I just add one to the 600R Rspec?

You don’t need a 550 to veg a 4x4. I would say if you want b-spec hlg-300 would be good. If you’re going to buy 550 get r-spec, would at least be a multi purpose light.


Yes we ordered 4 of them and it took like 2 weeks after ordering before we got them shipped out but ordering and paying now will help u out getting them. Preorders go out first then they stock thw rest

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Like @dbrn32 said, don’t need that much light/watts for vegging a 4x4, the 300 would be more than adequate and really no need for UV in veg unless you just want to, as I’m experimenting with giving UVA in veg with my current grow.


Sweet! if you could keep me/us posted on the results of adding supplemental UVA in veg i would appreciate it.

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Hola Senior!

Just spoke with an HGL sales guy… He’s putting a 30 UVA on hold with 10% discount on top of the sale price of $149.

Buying it on Friday afternoon.

Thank you once again for your help!

Also, I am testing my tents before the next grow… Had a bit of an issue a couple weeks ago when the hot water heater blow out its bottom throwing water every where. Even more unfortunate is we rent our house.

Long story short… Had to quickly dismantle my entire grow setup of three 4x4 tents for unexpected guests.

Sooooo… I set it all back up with the new HGL lights and wow they are much cooler than my old burples. Not having to fight the heat is on its own is going to be a huge plus.

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Good score on the UVA, happy growing!


Not sure I understood your last comment.

You had two Blurpies and replaced them with a HGL (which model?) and the temperature in your grow area went down?

I am looking at upgrading to a HLG 300L Rspec LED Grow Light (currently using two 1200 Blurpies).


I had 2 Greengo 1200w burples in each tent, a veg and a flower.

I replaced my veg’s 2 greengo leds with an HLG 300L Bspec and
replaced the flower’s 2 greengos with an HLG 600R Rspec. I will be adding the HLG 30 UVA, once they are in stock, to the 600R.

I fought heat using the burples… Even with their built in heatsink fans, they just ran warmer than I expected.

Testing the 600R I was easily able to maintain 77F.
Haven’t tested the 300L yet but assume the same, however I will be testing prior to starting the next grow.

Now testing it is on my mind…

I will probably test on Tuesday as I am having another medical procedure tomorrow morning… But now that I am thinking I might test yet today… Either way i will post the results when complete.