Thinking of splitting, done some research, it is as simple as it looks?


Soooo i have been seeing loads of comments regarding ‘stem splitting’ i am itching to get a stake through the tallest girls stalk, at the moment she is nowhere near splitting age (another 3weeks or so) but she is producing less tricomes at the moment compared to my other girl, both strains unkown, so i thought i would give it a go with just the one.
I am looking for any advice/pictures/own experiences for me to get a good understanding of it, for example what if i split the stem but somehow snap it or worse slice the thing in half :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: what happens then? Is there a certain gap size for the ties?

Also when it comes close to harvesting do i put the girls in the dark for a period of time before actually harvesting them??

As the weeks draw close im getting more anxious as to finish the job without any problems :ok_hand::+1:

Thanks all for reading

HappyGrowing :slight_smile:


It really is that simple, though I use a drill instead because it’s easier and safer. If you’re going to take a knife to her, you need to use those plastic zip ties above and below the place you’re going to split so that you don’t split the entire stalk. You do this no more than a week before harvest. If you want to put her in darkness, you do that 24 to 48 hours before harvest.


It really is as easy as it sounds, with the right equipment and knowledge it’s a 5 minute job if you get into any trouble then check out any of my grow threads and I’ve split the stem on them all and shown the tools and step by step instructions with pictures, can’t go wrong my friend, oh apart from my first grow durban poison as she couldn’t be split


Drill it! Drill it!


At what point should you drill it?


5-7days before harvesting.


I use a drill also. Make sure you have a sharp bit and move it in aND out of the hole. The wet stem will gum up drill but and can cause it to sit and spin getting real hot and burning the inside of stalk


Thanks, I have time to check it out more


I’m getting ready to drill a plant, myself. I plan on harvesting her next Wednesday.


I have a while to go yet but i think i have been convinced into doing the split :slight_smile: :ok_hand: im looking at videos thinking ‘how hard can it be’ but then i think ‘i cant butcher her after all the TLC i have given her’ :joy:

If it benefits my girls…im in :slight_smile:

Thanks to @raustin @daz49 @blackthumbbetty @Sirsmokes and goodluck to @Not2SureYet with ur split when the time comes :+1:


Thanks. I am going to have to wait till I get the 2 that are getting close out of the tent. I can barely get in there to them now. I am definitely going to try it on the last 2 though. So about 5 or 6 more weeks for me. Mine are taking forever to finish. or it seems that way. I will get to see how yours do first more than likely :grin:


Think of it this way, you’re going ti kill the plant in a few days anyway, so you can’t really do that much damage when you split her stem.


I’m drilling in one minute.


Out of likes, but you know I like that!


Aww so defo afew more week before you split your girls, iv got about 3-4 weeks to go (feels like forever) lol so i will be up first :see_no_evil: il let you know how i get on :+1:


I was also thinking that…my mind has been on overdrive :see_no_evil:

I will go for the 7days before, cant do much harm in that space of time :slight_smile: its all good thanks again


I dont have a drill, i dont want to invest just for spitting, i will take my chances with the knife.


Cool, It will be picture day at the end of the week. I will tag you on my grow if you like and you can see how full my tent has gotten. I could barely get in to raise my rear lights. :grin:


I am slowly getting though your grow. I caught it when you were almost done. A lot to read in there. :grin: I see some nice buds too


Yes please id love to see your girls :heart_eyes:

Im newish to the forum and still trying to get round to seeing all the amazing grows…i am in awe of them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: