Thinking of harvest 11/13

my plant is a zittles auto at 12 weeks old started flushing 4 days ago my tricones look cloudy with some amber on the tips what do you people think by looking at my pics of the tris on this bud can i go ahead and harvest or flush more have read only flush about a week before harvest on autos hope picks are ok thanks


Looks fairly cloudy. Any pics of the plant and a bud or 3 close-ups?


Maybe put up a whole plant pic.

:point_up::point_up: @Newt Beat me to it. :joy::call_me_hand:


You definitely have some clouds but like stated above can we see a full picture please. Depending on the high you want she might be ready

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With all that’s commented. Will throw in that an auto is typically flushed a week out or no flush at all. I do both :love_you_gesture:

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sorry took so long to get back computer took a shit here are some picks of my plant


Looking real good