Thinking of going to LED


@verdant, I am sorry I just now seen your question. I am sure I am not the guru to ask, but in saying, I thought I would send you a link so you can read a couple of post. Might shed some light on it.


I have them both working. Saved $70 :smile: One of the carabiners for hanging the lights has a sprung spring so I will need to get a new one to hang but otherwise all went well. Now to figure out where to use them. I may use one for now in the veg room.


@dbrn32 One other question. If I use the 2 in the future with 1 of the 1000w HPS lights do they hang at the same height form the plants?

I have a chart for HPS heights by watts but nothing on LED lights, is there one?


Not really because there is no standard for amount of light per watt that is general to leds. We’re talking about two hlg 260 kits right? Seems like hardening off and the flowering at like 15-16" is pretty good for most. In your case, you may have to play with that a little based on fixture spacing and coverage.


@dbrn32 Ok with the HPS double ended I need to be about 18-22" so I will have to try and keep the same height with the leds if I keep together in a 4x7’ area


Not necessarily, but you can.


each of your lights will have their own zone to cover,
the 1000w HPS will cover one side of 4’ x 4’ area,
the 260’s will each cover 2’ x 4’ areas,
the fixtures will be spread out enough that a few inches of different height will be fine.!
assuming it’ll be in a reflector, the HPS can easily be 6-12" higher then the QB next to it and still not be shining on top of the board.!