Thinking of going to LED


RAP, did you ever get the answer to your question about the Color of light to buy?



@kw_Bat Not really. I ended up ordering 3000k. Got the notice they shipped today.


3000k is good.


Hay i thought about buying the 260 version of it for a 1x1x2 tent but the 320 version is just 50 euro exspeniever so am i just fine with the 320 one?


Here are my options they are giving me, I was trying to get mine ordered as well.


@dbrn32 @RAP

Any suggestions? 2X4 tent…


260 xl kit in 3500k is what i would do in a 2x4 if that’s what is available.


Guys, I went to buy the HLG light, and they had sold out of the 3500k and 4000k, all they have is 2700k left.

Should I wait on them to restock it, or should I just get the 2700k, would I have to use 2 lights if I go with the 2700k? one for VEG and another flower? or will the 2700 make it?

@dbrn32 @RAP


I would look for different model or wait.


I have one more question. I see they got some more QB kits in.

What are the benefits in the two different versions of the Samsung Diodes 288 or 304 Samsung 561C verses the 301B LED’s that reside on the V2 of this model…

Thanks for your input… hope you don’t mind @dbrn32



301b is newer led and is a little more efficient than 561c. So more light per watt with v2 boards. The 288 vs 304 is different configuration of the leds on boards. The 288 is 54v nominal while the 304 is something like 106v nominal. Not a lot different in terms of performance, but they would use different drivers.


Thanks a million,
I got it, hey, blessings to ya for all the help… @dbrn32


No problem, happy to help when i can.


Is the difference big between a 3k and 3.5k ?


I received my 2 260XL’s today. Going to try and get them together in a day or so. Looks pretty simple. Hope all works well for me putting them together.


@dbrn32 Ok, seems right but want to make sure. First the screws for the driver did not have nuts so luckily I had some 1" 8-32 screws with nuts so that is done. Next I mounted the 2 light boards opposite so they sit with + on one next to - on the other. On top of board I put black wire on - of one board and red wire on + of other board on the bottom of the boards I used a piece of black wire and connected + on one to - of the other so they are in series.

Now on the connector for the power plug there is a silver with ring gold with ring and another screw with no ring. Ont the power plug there is b-w-g so b to gold with ring w to silver with ring and g to screw with no ring. on The driver there is g/y ground then acl brown and acn blue. Does acl go to b and acn to w? Does the acn signify neutral and the acl live?

On the driver to light boards side there is b- brown+ so brown to red and blue to black correct?



Which driver is with your kit?

Acl is hot/black
Acn is neutral/white
Grn/ylw ground


@dbrn32 Thats what I thought.



Sounds like you have it correct then

Vo+ to red that end up on + for board 1
Vo- to black that ends up on - for board 2.
Run jumper from - on board 1 to + on board 2.


@dbrn32 Thanks that is what it did on the boards. I will hook up the driver tomorrow and plug it in. Then when I see light I will set up the second one.

Thanks again RAP


No problem!