Thinking of going to LED


Driver dimming regulates current allowing boards to run more efficiently. In times when you don’t need as much light or maybe have a hot day you can turn a screw and reduce amount power easily. Would be good for mixing with hps because you can kinda tune it a little


@dbrn32 Thanks. Is it worth the $35 ea to get assembled and tested?


It’s not hard to do. I guess depends on how you value saving $35 vs not having to worry about putting it together.


I can’t imagine spending $35 to have it setup.
If you’ve ever had an erector set, or plugged in a home theater system, you can easily build it yourself.


Ok I ordered 2 for now. I will put it together my self so saved $70. Let you know when I get them. Any online instructions to study while waiting?



@dbrn32 @MoneyPit Thanks for the advice, and for the video. I saved $70 :grin:

Looks pretty simple. I was looking around the site for instructions and was looking at the Gorilla tents. I was thinking with a 4x4 or 5x5 I could set up in the house to control the temps an I have a 6" fan and charcol filter to exhaust the air from it. What do you think of that? I could use the 2 260xl’s in it for one plant and keep the 1000w hps double ended where it is for another plant.


I Like this light, Anyone have any experience with it?


Here you go. Quite a few of them around.


Optic 1, Migro, and QB r probably the best lighting right now!
high efficiency (money saver), versatility (options for proper cover), great spectrum.!

CMH, HPS/MH, r the next best and cheaper to get started.

T-5 floro, small HID (70-150w), and GOOD Blurple LED (expensive for what they r), are doable but not to great in flower.

CFL and cheap Amazon Blurple LED r not worth buying for flower, a waste of money.!!


Thanks for the link, i read through the post. The more i dig on this light, the better it looks to fit my situation.


If it got a HLG kit for a QB, would i still need to look at a T5 or something simular to start seedlings with? Or judt use the qb?


the QB’s will start seedlings, just need the light high enough to not burn them.!
i use a 135w V2 QB in 4000k for mommas, veg, clone’lings, and seedlings all in the same ‘room’,
most of their kits come with a dimmer switch if height is an issue.!



After a few months of digging into the properties of lights, to the custom space I have, I finally now have a grip on what type of light that I feel will work for me.

Thank you for the tip, I like the one stop shop~

BAM lets do this!


I agree. Just about all of the kits will come with a dimmer too. Between the dimmer and adjusting height plenty good for seed to harvest growing.


What are you guys thinking about growing with LED


lettuce, radishes, and greens.!! LOL


XD if we think about the same when you say green. I can sleep like a baby again. Xd


U got a led ?


u r asking questions that can be answered just by reading this one thread.! lol
please don’t hi-jack someone’s thread to ask trivial questions that could be answered by just a few minutes of reading on this site.!