Thinking of going to LED


I currently have a 4’ x 7’ x 7’area. I am using 2 HPS fixtures with dimmable ballasts. 1 is double ended bulb. I am running at 600w ea for flower right now.

Been reading all the posts and looking at

I think 2 of these 320w would work for my area. Also looking at the the 260w version. Do you think the 260w version would work for my area? $200+ cheaper

I flower with Scrog method and my 2 screens are 39" x 44" ea, put together so they are 41" x 90" with 36" high frame.

Also 2700k or 3000k?



@dbrn32 how many will he need? I’m thinking you’re gonna need more than 2 of those fixtures in a 4’x7’ tent…


4 xl 260 kits is what i would put in there.


@dbrn32 Why 4 260 over 2 320?. My screen is 36" wide. Just under 7ft end to end. The 320xw says max veg 3.5’ x 3.5’. I am under 3.5’ on width and at 7’ length wouldn’t they overlap the middle and cover the 7’?

I am not trying to dismiss your advice only trying to understand the why’s. I can get the 2 320xw’s now or I could get 2 260xw’s now and a 3rd later.

Also 2700k or 3000k?


Are you just going to be vegging in the space? That would change things significantly, sorry if i missed it. Otherwise there will be significant difference in flexibility of your coverage one way or the other.

If you noticed, i posted XL 260 not XW 260. There’s a significant difference in layout of boards between those two, one us square the other long and narrow. Going 320xw is just going run boards warmer and make you run it higher to get to the coverage, which will in turn lower your canopy intensity. So my opinion is the the XL260 kits fit better there. You’re on the edge of 3 or 4. 3 wouldn’t be too bad, 4 would be great.


@dbrn32 I am going to use for strictly flowering. I could run 2 260xl’s for now and keep a hps fixture running at 600w. then decide on another 260 or two later. If I did only 3 260’s would 2 xl’s and 1 xw make sense?


Then assuming I have 3 or 4 260xl’s which way would I hang them for best coverage?

    ----  ----        ----   ----  
    ----  ----        ----   ----

  l          l          l
  l          l          l

l       l        l        l
l       l        l        l


That works. I would hang them in line from one side to the other.


Like the first one end to end two in front 2 in back? Or like the second or third one? @dbrn32


Straight in a row like this.

Photo credit to @crazyots


Don’t do it stay with the ballast. Best way to go


Why do you say that @Lostscuba?


I just find it easier plus if u have temperature problems it could help just a grow light for dummies :smirk:


That layout with the 2 boards inline about 10" apart works really well in a lot of different sized tents


u need 30-40 wpsf of QB to be good for flower,
4’ x 7’ = 28 sq ft x 30-40 wpsf = 840-1120 watts needed to fill your space with QB light.
4x 260w XL = 1040 watts, perfect for your 4x7 tent.!!

i would arrange them like your bottom ‘schematic’, l l l l
each light fixture covering a 4’ x 1’10" area of tent space.!
i like your idea of getting 2 for now and running them with one of your HPS DE fixtures.!


happy anniversary!


So now just down to 2700k or 3000k?


Enjoed the post and toppic, i am trying to diagest the lighting possubilities myself.
Glad for the reads.


i m liking the way my plants look finished under 135w QB at 3000k,

good ole bag seed at that.!!


@dbrn32 Still trying to figure these out as far as power consumption. I am curently using a double ended 1000w hps and a regular 1000w hps. So 2000w.

The 260xl says * Driver Adjustable from 135-285 Watts in the spec sheet. So if I use at full 285 watts I would be at 570w total. Almost half the energy and $$$ in my pocket.

What is the use of the adjustable driver? If I have 2 260xl’s at first with the double ended 1000w hps would I be using them at full wattage or dialed down a bit?