Thinking im getting close

13 weeks on Amnesia Haze . Was already thinking about asking for opinions on Harvest, However something caught my eye today.

Is this mold or dew mildew? Regardless i yanked it off there. As for the rest of the plant

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Resembles bud rot, but I have had just a bud or two dry up and die and everything else be fine. Look her over real close, especially in the vicinity of the funky bud. Can you get a pic of Trichomes, she still has a lot of white Pistils but 13 weeks ? Check Trichomes…

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I thought same thing from bud in fingers. Others appear to be getting there, but I don’t think I would be chopping unless there’s a veritable bud rot issue.


Im with those guys. First bud is what u dont want. Everything else looks like :candy:

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I agree. Might back off the N a little. Otherwise, how’s your humidity? Those look nice and dense, make sure there’s good airflow. :+1: