Thinking about upgrading from se1000w hps to led

I want to upgrade from my single ended 1000w mh/hps to a led light. I have a 4x4 tent but will probably upgrade to a bigger tent in the future sometime. I dont want multiple light just want one fixture because I dont want to mess with multiple lights its just a pain in the ass. I was thinking going nextlight mega or scorpion diablo. Possible sf7000. My friend that owns a hydro shop said he would sell me the nextlight for 1200 down from 1700 what they sell for in his shop so I think its worth it but I dont see alot of people talking about it on here. Maybe because of the price? I’ve been stewing over light for quite some time now and just need some help deciding. Any help would be appreciated

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I wouldn’t buy any light that doesn’t have 3rd party data on the spectrum or at the very least tells you what diodes they’re using. My impression is the ‘Next Light’ uses inferior diodes.

Horticulture Lighting Group makes the best LED fixture going IMO using top bin Samsung diodes.

Too bad because multiple light fixtures allows way more flexibility, you can run one with lots of plants crowded under it during veg, you can service one light without ruining your grow, raise individual lights to accommodate varying plant heights etc.

Personally I wouldn’t touch that light your grow shop wants to sell you. Look at pricing at ‘Rightbud’ dot com.

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Here’s a link to one of my threads I know it says about nutrients but we talked about lighting and nutrients haha I’ve been searching for my perfect fit for months! Scroll up and there’s a lot of very helpful informative info on HLG chilled tech growers choice fluence haha we talked about them all. And there’s a DIY video courtesy of @dbrn32 who is very helpful on light info! I’m personally buying the growers choice roi e720 this week and I’m stoked! Hope this was helpful! Good luck!


I’ve been researching hlg and there light do seem top notch and great reviews and the scorpion diablo would fit my needs. He uses the mega and he says its great and that he loves it but he could just be trying to sell me the light lmao

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The scorpion diablo is a beast. Just got one 2 weeks ago and i love it so far. Have 3 hlg 260 cls already and loved them so went woth a bigger one and am so happy i did this one. Its beautiful.

Here here to the Diablo. Absolutely awesome. More than enough for a 4c4. Maybe even a little overkill. Get one and stick the uv on it. Promise you will love it. Good luck mate👍

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