Thinking about starting a perpetual gro

Ok so im a little ways away gotta get grow tents but was thinking about the light my veg tent will be a two x two tent and thinking about maybe a 5x4 tent for flower what kinda lights would work best for these areas any and all advice is welcome and what brands are best


I’m going to get @dbrn32 for you. First question is what is your budget?


Thanks for tag @SmoknGranny!

@Josh1126 if you’re going to veg in a 2x2 I would definitely check out the hlg-65 or hlg-100 in 4000k. Awesomely efficient lights that don’t take up a lot of room.

Flowering out a 5x4 is a little more subjective. You can spend a lot of coin doing it well, and most of the better fixtures are designed around 4x4 or smaller. How good you want it and what you can spend will be key as smokngranny pointed out.

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Well i just started back at work but the money will be good im getting the tents for one thirty im probably gonna get everything over time but maybe if possible like 300 per light if thats possible idk much about lights i bought my one 1000 watt led on wish and it got me by for a bit

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As far as those veg lights go, one is $100 the other $150. If you’re looking to get into higher end leds for flowering space the ones designed for 4x4 start at about $750, and go up to a couple thousand. You can save a little money by purchasing kits or just getting all the parts and assembling yourself. I can help with that if you’re interested. Otherwise that’s about what you’re looking at to get into the higher end stuff. I’m extremely confident that spending that money will pay off in long run, if not first grow, if you can swing it.

Well i have done one grow inside turned out pretty good but it was with cfls in a bathroom shower haha how much would the kits be and where could i get them @dbrn32 and if i use led in veg should i stick with it in flower or could i say go to an hps light and whats the difference besides the obvious lol

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You can definitely use led to veg with and flower under hps, lec, or whatever else. As far as the differences go, eye hortilux super 1000w hps is 1.25 umol per joule, think of that as your amount of photosynthetic active radiation per watt. The quantum boards for instance at 110 watts per board are 2.6 umols per joule. So light per watt, is double. The led will also have a little more balanced light spectrum. For your size space, I’d probably recommend two of the 320w kits. They’re available at growerslights for $420 each. For and extra $35 per kit they will assemble and test for you.

That’s far from the only option, but as far as bang for your buck and ease of use, probably route to go if you’re looking to get top notch led performance. I can tag you into a journal using quantum boards if you’d like?

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Well i definately want the most bang for my buck and you can tag me in to that journal @dbrn32

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Done! Like I said there are some other options that would do well for you also. Let us know what you think and we can go from there.

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@dbrn32 ok so these are the tents im thinking about getting

What size lights would you recommend for these grow areas? Also i see alot of people with carbon filters to help with the smell. But everyone in my house knows that ill be growing so is a filter really worth getting

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You’ll probably want a carbon filter for your flowering tent. If you go with qb’s you’re gonna have big, dense, stinking ass dank nugs lol. About mid flower will probably be ridiculous without filter. You can probably get by without one for vegging space though.

I take it you’re going to veg in 2x2 and flower in 4x4?

@dbrn32 yea veg would be in the 2x2 along with any clones i get and flower in 4x4 tent also thanks for tje heads up about the carbon filter i was just thinking if i really needed one that way i could possibly go alittle more on the lights

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@dbrn32 would this light work or could you recommend a light

just looking for now

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I would grab the hlg-65 in 4000k for the 2x2 then. For flowering in the in the 4x4 you’ll want 4 boards, like 3000k or 3500k or the new 324 boards. There’s a lot of different ways you can get them. You could grab all the components and put together yourself. Or buy completed light. Or buy the big single light kit, or but several of the 2 board kits.

If you’re pressed for cash, maybe going with two of the two board kits is a good idea? You could grab one now and just make do with it, and grab the other one later when you have a little more cash. To me, you’ll be a lot happier in the long run than trying to do it with the cheaper lighting options.

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@dbrn32 you run the qbs right where did you get your lights

I’m not running anything right now, nothing growing. But I have qb

I bought components separately and built the light myself as you can probably tell. Board and heatsink came directly from hlg.

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Oh ok so would i need four of the hlg65 for flower? Or could i get just a bigger light @dbrn32

I will add. When you look at tents. Make sure the openings for the fan and vents will work with what you need. I use this one here. I chose it because of the options I have for the filter vent. The zippers are great quality too. Just a couple things to look out for when choosing what will work for you. :grin: I am not telling you to get this. Just little things to think about before you buy a tent. :grin:

How could you tell that before you by it and what kind of fans would you recommend @Not2SureYet