Thinking about revegging a favorite plant after harvest.Do I need to transplant

I want to reveg a Mimosa Evo and an especially dank LSD after I harvest in a week or two.Can I use the same soil or do I need to transplant into new soil? I did this once a couple years ago and just added vegg.fertilizer and started over like a new grow.@kellydans,@Hellraiser@Keystonecops

Start from new. The soil you just grew in has probably used all its nutrients and such. Just the first that comes to mind.

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That’s probably true and dirt is already on hand.Is there anything special you need to worry about with plant that size,they’re in 10 gallon fabric pots about 40 inches high.I will cut them down some to about 18 inches,maybe less.

Depends on what you want from the reveg, for example, I am revegging a plant after harvest and all I want from it is some vegetative growth that I can clone, not planning a full regrow and flowering so I’m not bothering with a transplant. If I did want to do a full regrow and flowering, I would transplant, and in the process knock some soil and roots off the sides to allow for a good amount of soil replacement.


That’s what I’ll do.I really like the Mimosa and the LSD was an exceptional pheno.Thanks for the help!