Thinking about Auto Flowers


I am going to grow again this year. i have had moderate success with indoor growing before. I am asking would you do a auto flower first to get meds in the jars then while that is growing start vegging some other standard smoke (not auto) so get a nice rotation going in your grow room.

I also want to thank you guys for being sooo nice to me a lot of forums you get this bash the new guy mentality that i have not found on this site yet so i wanted to share my appreciation.


Welcome Ray @Rayofsunshine

That’s one way to go about it. I rushed my first harvest because I wanted the weed and I would not recommend doing that. I had a blueberry auto that I started harvesting at day 96 so that might be an option.

Best of luck whichever way you decide to run.


That’s what I mean @Screwauger I can do a auto flower and harvest at 100 days while i veg another standard strain then get that into flower when i harvest the Auto. Rinse and Repeat. Soo much to learn lol Lollipop the grow lights nutrients soil or dwc that’s the part of growing i love and watching my little girls grow up :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @Rayofsunshine ! I think you’ll find there are some good and knowledgeable folks here. I’m not a inside grower so I cant help you there. But I can say there is plenty of room outside for crop rotation.
See ya around. Enjoy your grow!


Welcome @Rayofsunshine

If you have the space and lights they can even be started at the same time. Autos have no problems with 12/12 schedule and will happily finish their flowering as the photos start theirs.


Autos don’t care about lighting schedules. I like to plant them with everything else. They tend to finish as the photoperiod plants start to flower.

Speaking as an outdoor grower…


I would actually start them both at the same time then the auto will finish first
When thats close you can start another one or another photo
What size space you working with @Rayofsunshine


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I grow them all together. I have been waiting on my autos to go into flower then start 1 or 2 more autos. I leave my light cycles set for my photo plants and the auto just do their thing. I’m about 5 to 6 weeks from my first auto harvest, after that I should have a plant ready to harvest around every 2 to 3 weeks. The photos will go into flower after 6 to 8 weeks of veg


I know the Autos dont care about their light cycles But the regular plants do The point was to do a auto as i start my regular grows also so i can have a harvest pretty quickly from the auto then move the Regulars that should be big enough to move into flowering at the time i harvest the auto’s. Thanks for all the encouragement.

Do you have to change to a 12/12 cycle once the Auto start to flower? I get confused about that with auto or can i keep them on a 24 veg alot with other regulars i will have in Veg?


You don’t have to switch for autos. They just do what they do, even under 18hrs of light.


I know its been 10 days since this was started But here is another Question about Auto’s @FloridaSon What about nutrients do i switch to flowering nutrients when the plant tells me its going to flower Since autos do there own thing. I am doing a DWC system so i will be providing all the nutrients the plant needs.


@Rayofsunshine yes you should switch as soon as you see signs of flowering
Normally around week 3-4 from seed


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You got it I will be starting my grow in may. I am a seasonal worker so april i get caught up on winter bills. In may i have extra money to do fun stuff like Grow Marijuana and Golf :rofl: