Thinking 2-3 more weeks. Opinions?

Only 43 days in flower, but I see some amber trichs. Thoughts?


Full plant(s) shot


I’d agree with your assessment. Don’t see much of her consuming/yellowing the lower fans yet, some in the uppers at tips and margins, but it’ll progress pretty fast over a couple days once she starts. She looks good and bulked up, check 10 spots across the top and mid of both plants, and average the clear/cloudy/amber range and decide. The trichs will still continue to ripen once you start your end process, whatever that may be for you - darkness/no darkness, flush/no flush, drying etc. So really your estimating where you will be in a few days/week - you get from judgement and experience. At this point you cant go wrong, all depends on the high you want. I prefer the racy functional head high for most, but I’m a workaholic.


Thanks, @Pet_de_Chien. As Tom Petty said, “The Waiting is the Hardest Part”. :sunglasses:

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Other plant trichs

For the High I like. Perfect! I’d be doing hospice on them. Everyone has their own high preference & end of life process, I’m not selling mine, but I’d start planning for the “End is Near”.
Looks great, grats on getting there looking this good!

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Right?!? But at 43 days, it makes me think I’m missing something… :upside_down_face:

Genetics is everything. almost!
If thats the typical trich observation, it is what it is! but still at least a week out if you have and end of grow hospice plan.

So both are clones I got from a buddy. He said based on his experience, 56 days was typical for the KK, but he had yet to grow out this particular GSC plant. Although he kept a copy, he still hasn’t, but they seem to be close to each other. I’m thinking it may be a 56 day chop. We’ll see. Now to settle on a final process. So very many opinions out there. But I am thinking a Sledgehammer flush (due tomorrow), then one more week feeding, then a final week of water only for a flush. Then 2 days dark, and chop.

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If it was me I would want a whole lot more dark pistils before I started down the home stretch. The amber trichomes I see are on a sugar leaf which doesn’t count.
This is a purple haze the day before harvesting her. The pistils have receded (drawn into the calyx) and 90% brown/orange

her trichomes were a good mix

I liked this one

The best way to tell is with a scope or decent jewelers loupe. I use the pistils as a gauge when to start checking trichomes.


The only thing determined at this point, is to do my Sledgehammer flush tomorrow, then back on feeding schedule, and keep watching. Luckily while waiting is hard, I have plenty o stash to get me there.

Oh, and very clear pics BTW. What scope are you using? I can’t get my buds to hold still enough to get that focused. Maybe I need to turn off all my fans…

Did you notice Foghorn Leghorn checking out your trichs?

The trichome shots were taken with a Plugable USB 2 scope.

The flexible stand sucks because it vibrates too much so I replaced the stand with a solid one. I also use in on a camera tripod


Thanks for the idea. Having previously spent several years working for Jerry Riggs Engineering, Inc. (otherwise known as the US military), I put those skills to use. Grabbed a music stand base, and a guitar stand top, and some tape. I now have a stable platform for my scope, albeit rather less than elegant:

And although my girls are sleeping at the moment, I had a leaf I removed from a clone earlier, so did some checks:

Zoom in:

This weekend? Or next weekend. I’m on the fence, and not sure if I’m over-anxious. Today is day 52 of flower, and today’s trichome pictures.

Kandy Kush

Oh, and what the rest of the plants look like: