Thinkin its time to chop

This WWA is in its 12 week of flower. Ive given it ice bath split stem and trichs are not very developed. I think its comming to its end. I gave her a flush about 4 days ago. I think at this point im not sure its going to be very potent but i just dont see it getting any better. And i have some new plants needing the space.


Nice plant I have been in your situation needing space . looking at the plant I really think it needs a little more time to finish up.


Pictures of trichomes ?

The plant looks like it still has some life from a distance . It hasn’t even sucked up nutes from all those leaves !

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Really? It could actually go longer? Looking through the loop trichs are very sparse.

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Pistols are still super young…
Go to 10 on and 14 off to push her to the end…
Did you say 12 weeks since light flip?
Also looks like you could use more p and k in your feeding schedule…


Oh ya, the growers above are right. Lots of white pistols still. I bet that lady has alot of filling out to do. I had an auto in my first grow that went 15 weeks of flower before the tris even went cloudy. Patience is very important at this part. Your plant look very nice though.


Dont rush it man that baby is going to fill out more and finish up.
What’s your run off TDS?
Are you feeding bloom nutes?

Peach has a good strategy, run a bit more dark if your trying to finish faster.
Don’t think you should even be flushing yet to be honest.


@peachfuzz i just read that introducing more darkness can speed up flowering. I have never heard this but it makes perfect sense. I guess like an ice bath it fools the plant into thinking it is later fall and to hurry the hell up? How much can this speed flowering up? Days, a few weeks? Thanks

It’s hard to say , each plant reacts differently…
It still looks really young by the looks of your pistols…
I wouldn’t try to rush it to much , but I think at this point a 14 off 10 on might get it moving in the right direction without any issues…

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Ok i will try suggestions to see what happens. Im sure its root bound bad. I fed bloom nutes yesterday. TDs In was about 800 in, and out at 1080. Ph water at 6.5 in and almost the same out. I have so much yellow it seems it wants to end. And going on 13 weeks flower shouldnt it be? Not much smell either. I think i got a dud lol. I will be patient and let her go. Looked at trichs this morning and not getting there yet. New pics today. Also two new WWA at about 6 weeks since pop. I want to get the new girls into the main part of the tent soon. And big ugly girl is eatin up all

the good light lol.


Let her keep going she is starting to finish up she is eating herself so that’s a good sign they can take 10-16 weeks to finish in flower they take longer then you think it would but keep it going you how several weeks to go looks great it will be worth the wait


Update on this WWA that is in its 12 week of flower. She is on a slow schedule all her own. She had 2 sisters born same day that have since been dried and cured. For those seeking advice on flower time on wwa’s. Well i will verify that autos can be very unpredictable. I started with white widow auto because of ease of grow being a newbie. Ive learned alot. I was hopeless at growing for 40 years. But i think if i can get this one to finish and i dont f up the dry and cure she should be good.

I still have a dozen or so of these WWA so i should be pretty good at it by the end of em. And then maybe some photos after a couple more WWA’s.


Your definitely growing weed! Sorry I missed like 2 weeks of your posts I forgot to watch your thread, tag me any time with @ Nicky

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