Think one of my plants turned

Long story but I had two mango kush seeds and both were struggling and stressed. One has started to flower and doing…sort of OK. the other looked to have some fungus?? white spots on leaves. I sprayed with a mild solution of peroxide 3% and put it outside, expecting it to die. I had a close look today and its growing nicely…wt??? BUT it looks to have turned to an hermaphrodite. guess it was kind of inevitable with the stress.
My question is…will this plant self seed? it has both white pistils and what looks like flower sacks.
Can I somehow use this to my advantage to get more seeds to keep this strain going?

You can self pollinate or pollinate another plant. You will have Feminized seeds that may or may not be prone to hermaphroditism.


Easier n quicker to buy new seeds.


My last grow I used seeds from a self
Pollinated hermie. 100% of them turned hermies also. Not worth the time or nutrients. There’s no replacement for good genetics. @leolass420


Thanks everyone.
Guess it’s a bin job.

Oh, you can eat the leaves, don’t throw it away. I pulled a male plant and cooked the leaves into two cups of stir fry. Ate one and got stoned so hard - had to lay in bed for 3-4 hours before I could stand up straight. Green leaves raw in smoothies is good too and won’t give you buzz. It’s full of vitamins and proteins.

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Wow thanks, never thought of cooking it. I took the balls that I could see and it is sill outside.

These ladies can be funny things at times.
I was thinking more along the lines of collecting the pollen for later use ie: to fertilise another plant.

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Check out my recipe here. Stir-fry Green weeds in oyster sauce

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OH yum!! I will. Thanks.