Think my flowering plant became a hermit?

I’m 10 weeks into the flowering cycle in my indoor grow closet and just this last week noticed my buds looked different, so I took a closer look at all of them and in some random spots there appears to be male flowering going on, at least that’s what I think is happening. Haven’t seen these “seeds” until week 9. I had some electrical issues where I live and the power would intermittently go out and I’d have to flip my breaker switch to get my lights/fans to come on. But that’s been happening for weeks and only once in a while. Does anybody know if that could’ve caused my plant to turn into a hermie? This is my first grow and I just harvested another plant (different strain) in the same closet with no issues.


My humidity and temperatures have been good during the last 5 weeks of flowering.

Yep. Certainly looks like it hermied.
Those look like seed pods in your flower.
Have you checked any of them to see if there’s a seed inside them ?
And if your lights haven’t been consistently on 12/12 it’s possible that would have caused it.


Out of the seed pods I checked they don’t have seeds in them. There were times, because of my electrical problem that the lights would go off for up to a few hours (when I wasn’t home) so light schedule got delayed.

Do you think I should harvest as I normally would or do it early because of the hermie issue? Not sure if I should snip all the seeds pods I see and continue to flower

If it has been pollinated , and I think it has, all energy now will go to seed production, and all the good stuff will start to deteriorate! If you harvest now you may not have as many seeds to deal with. 10 weeks should be pretty close anyway, depending on strain.

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