Think im having problems need help diagnosing

Jack Herer Auto
9 Weeks Day 57 ish
had yellowing spots on multiple leaves that were old growth and fan leaves
temp 80-83 (lights on)
humidity 50-55%
water ph 6
run off ph 6
still feeding 1/2 strength Lucas formula
3ml cal mag/gal
4ml of micro/gal
8ml bloom/gal
watering daily around 1liter


Plant looks fine IMO. Leaf color indicates plenty of N still available to the plant. I’m assuming you are in coco or Promix? You might want to look at flushing and reducing N input on your feeding. I was going to question your means for measuring PH but looks like you are doing fine.

You’ve got a way to go yet: 4 to 6 weeks I’m guessing.


its in soil, a mixture of fox farms ocean forest, happy frog, perlite, and mykos. I had suspected I was overfeeding. I had considered cutting back on the nutrients or even just using ph’d water and giving nutes every other feed.

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Normally I’d say that you don’t need to feed anything while in FF soil. I don’t even use veg nutes in soil. Just watch your N values; it won’t harm the plant unless excessive but it will affect the quality of the finished smoke.


You’re on the low side of the scale for uptake of phosphorus at 6.0 in soil. I had the same issues a couple grows ago. I dialed it in to a cal/mag deficiency for those girls. Had the exact browning on the leafs. That was my answer for that particular grow, you could have something else. I had people telling me all kinds of stuff though on a different site though. I ultimately had to go through the nutrient steps to figure it out though. Most problems are as simple as correcting ph issues though.

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Damn thats alot of “those” OnE LoVe

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What should my goal ph be it has truly been between 5.5-6 the new growth sugar leves are coming in curling down. I am sure I have been over feeding. I watered her this time until she had run off this was the first time ever doing that that was 3 days ago and she is still moist. What should I do for the next feed I had thought ph’d water and cal mag THANKS for the help.

I would in soil shoot for a 6.5 it can vary but you most certainly want to fall in the 6-7 range.

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The canoeing or clawing is normally a sign of too much Nitrogen mostly bordering on a toxicity. You want to try and avoid a N surplus in late flower, i have seen it cause way too much leaf to develop in the flower and in my opinion serious compromises quality (my opinion) Im not familiar with your nutrient line though. Are they synthetics or organics? How often are you feeding? I would back off a little or even give her a light flush. Your probably coming into the 2 week finish range and proper ph’d flushing can start in that time frame. Look at your trichomes (i personally start my flush when i see about 5%amber. I super flush and get clear water 100ppm or less flushes in a week(but im also all organic). She is a beauty though im dropping 6 JHA in a week and im stoked im seeing so much frosting at wk 9 on yours. Im really looking rorward to trying it. OnE LoVe

This is a Northern Lights wk 14 about a week to go (the pic was wk 12-13). Those babies are as round as a coke can. I got a monster pheno on that one. Just started rapidly frosting last week


I hope mine start to fill out, I watered today water was ph’d to 7 and add cal mag only, thinking next time I water I may try to throw in some bloom for phosphorus. gonna shy away from the micro until her color lightens up and the sugar leaves stop curling in. I hope mine can fill out nicely like your Northern Lights did. I may cut my nutes in half since i am using soil and not coco.

That plant is a freaky pheno. Her sister has a much cleaner shape to her.

@Snuzzles , im still new but I think you want to be at 6.3 - 6.5 ph

At this stage in the grow you can push the ph out 6,8 which is the peak for phosphorous uptake . It may help to fatten your already fat buds.