Think I waited too long to pick

So since I wanted to be precise I had ordered my mini microscope to ensure I was harvesting when ripe. Unfortunately it was delayed for international shipping and I had to wait. The 26th of July would be 2 months flowering so I knew I needed to be watching them closely. Since I couldn’t tell by eye as this is my first grow I couldn’t just wing it. So with that said I believe I would have missed the peak but still bout to be fire lol

I tried to upload a vid but not working, maybe I have the wrong format


Perfect!!! What a pic!!! It’s beautiful. I want half amber and a little clear to cloudy still. I’m serious that is superb. Plus that image is one of beauty. Seriously people could make great money with trich pics.

FYI take your samples from flower calyx and not sugar leaves: they mature faster than flower.


Thanks I will note that going forward. I had a question bout timing and how it affects the high:

So I’ve been reading and some people were saying that the amber to cloudy trichome ratio affects thc and cbd thus making if you feel more Up or couch potato. If that is true how is that possible when I thought what type of high you get was already decided majorly by the strain?

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Thanks man! I’m glad you like it! I thought I was doing this thing wrong all of last night.

Uh, yes? haha

Good question: peak potency happens some time ahead of peak bulk of flower. Most growers trade a (minor) loss of potency for an increase in bud mass. Taking the flower when 10-20% amber on flower calyx, samples from several locations around the plant. It’s also a bit of a judgment call on when just by looking at the plant. You just have to see it to know.

So; look at this pig: that’s flower ready to take. Kind of what you are looking for…

402 grams from a plant 28" high in a 22" X 36" SCROG under gucci lights.


Great looking scrog. That’s going to be fun to trim🙂

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What’s the plant look like? Send a pic let’s see the lady. I’m a couch lock kinda guy so I lean punch me in the face. It’s what you like really but if I’m growing it… when she’s dry and cured give us a report of the smoke.


So I went back and took a shot at my calyx and this what I got

Yes I am trying to learn by eye as well to marry what I see under the scope to what I can eyeball. So you are saying 10%-20% amber means that the flower is passed peak potency? This is what the cloudy resin turns to?


I am undecided too. Looking at the shot of the trichomes, I wouldn’t think it is from the plant pictured.
The trichomes say I am ready. The plant says a little longer.


Probably time to have on water only until harvest.

Look up how to do a bud wash: a really good idea with any plant outdoor.


Thanks will look into doing that Probably with my batch Cuz I’ve been getting threats from my lady friend to mess this up haha.

Also please check my last comment and let me know if I’m correct.

Decisions decisions

Ok, watching my two auto’s close. First time really staying on schedule with fertilizer and PH etc.
I like to have a good enjoyable Taste also
Any inputs ideas

The plant doesn’t look mature but those triches are looking ripe. Flush it for a week then look again. I feel it’s close like probably done but let her sit and drink first. I always go to the same spot to re check what it looks like. I would check every day cause of my OCD. That same spot gets darker then you know she is done.

Depends on what you like. Post a pic and strain…

First test 2020. Needs 10 days more or less
Tricones are clear/cloudy and a few ambers
White Widow

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Why not check random areas around the plant?

No from what I have read, learned and discovered cloudy with 20% amber is thought to be perfect for a good body, head, energizing, do shit buzz. Mostly amber is “couch lock”

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