Think I need a Humidifier

I got to buy additional lighting and replace the 4”VivoSun with an AC 8” because I was stupid. Since I joined this site my IQ has gone up 5 points. I am just dumb now.
I have an AC 4x4x80 tent humidity 50% with no plants just lights and One of two clips on running. My lights are good for 4 weeks then I have to supplement with a 280 HLG and 8” AC duct.
What humidifier should I get. I am in the basement.
My first seeds are coming Monday getting everything set for first grow.



I got one from Ace Hardware for under 80 bucks that has RH controls. IMO most are probably built by the same manufacturer especially when shopping at big box stores or Amazon. I would definitely spring for a digital RH controlled one instead of the simple on/off ones or you’re going to be refilling it constantly.

So a 4x4 only need a 6inch duct fan, AC infinity fans are nice with the controller and they are alot quieter but if noise is not an issue a regular duct fan will work fun and move alot more air.

Just something to consider

There are two types of humidfiors you could be aware of, evaporative and ionizing (think cool mist). Evaporative are actually the best for grow rooms because of an issue with ionizing humidfiors, that issue is they mist the air with all the minerals inside the mist. That mist is then sucked up by the filters and slowly builds up in the filter as a fine white dust. Plugging the filter and reducing airflow over time.

So I love my cool mist 4L humidfior but I have to Remeber to clean the pre. Filter OFTEN and I didn’t so I think I actually have a filter issues right now as we speak lkl

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I don’t think you need a humidifier at all. If a parameter is causing issues it’s not that one 9/10 unless you are really really high. Like over 75%

I’ve trashed multiple dehumidifiers and humidifiers in my first grow. Now I use only a 30pt dehumidifier in my lung room. On 4th and 5th now.

I keep my lung under 50% idealy. Which means your lung is sitting around 50% if that’s what you have in an empty tent…

Thanks I won’t get one then.

I have a small one that you put by nite stand that recommends you use only distilled water it has no minerals. Purified water still has minerals in it.
I learned that from my local dealer on an engine I rebuilt when adding coolant that wasn’t premixed with water. They were like a choir singing to me telling me, use distilled water only.

Thanks for the info maybe that will help you also.

Do some googling, there is a MAJOR RECALL on many brands out there. Seriously ck models and makes before buying.

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Very true but running distilled wster gets expensive and is a hassle.

Thanks for the info AudioFreak. I like that old school vintage stereo stuff….Cerwin Vega Magna Plane and if there aren’t no highs and there aren’t no lows must be Bose…

Got to have a good sound system with good bud.

Thanks Bro.

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One helps you enjoy the other. Both ways.

@Nicky if i have quite abit of air flow would a dehumidifier benefit me

Your temp determines wether you need a humidifier or not. Temp and humidity go hand in hand.

For example if your temp is 68F in early veg then 50% is good. …but if your temp is 80F you should have 65% humidity to ensure the plant can transpire.

When relative humidity is low it may cause plants to have withered, leathery leaves and stunted growth.

Due to VPD (vapor pressure density) temp and humidity go hand in hand.
If your inside humidity is the same as outside humidity then airflow won’t help any longer.

You can reduce airflow and increase the dehumidification however you may be blowing dry air outside.

It’s all a juggling game