Think I lucked out with some little girls?

These random seeds are starting to show signs I think. Any thoughts appreciated, and who’s the “outside grow guru” ? Lol
Thy are staying outside 100% now, I am starting auto’s inside.


Looks female to me :+1:


Showing female. After having to pull 3 males last year (all of my taller plants), I was happy to see this on all my outdoor plants this year.


So you do pretty well outside? Obviously I’m a newbie, and outdoor tips or tricks?

Plant in fabric pots and not straight to the ground. This will allow you to build the soil that will nourish your plants their whole lives. Stay away from time release nutrients. Think organic. I use coco coir, composted manure and perlite. I add Happy Frog dry amendments and top feed my plants once a month. Water goes in 7ish ph. I water my outdoor plants every other day. It’s really hard to overwater outdoors.

If you start your plants indoor set your veg lighting @ 14/10.

Put plants outdoors around the summer solstice for max growth.

Don’t waste your time putting a plant out earlier, you’ll likely get a reveg situation and you don’t want that. (See above veg lighting schedule.)

Depending on where you live, late July and early Aug might be latest to start a plant. Too late and you’ll have to deal with temperature swings. Your plants will tolerate lower temperature to some extent, but if she freezes, she’s dead.


Awesome tips! 1 other question, what about bug deterrents? Saw a little damage on a leaf this morning and getting them stupid leaf hoppers or whatever they are called

Spinosad - look for captain jacks dead bug, can be used in flower

Neem oil - works in veg as a good preventative

BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) - works on caterpillars, spinosad works as well

Find everything on Amazon


I’ve got captain jacks, but not sure how often I can spray them (or should)

My Capn’ Jack’s comes in today. I’ll read the instructions and get back to you.

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Neem oil - used in veg only. Apply every two weeks, reapply after rain. Increase frequency if bugs are bad in your area.

Spinosad - safe in flower, although we want to avoid spraying anything if at all possible. Used to treat all sorts of bugs, caterpillars included. every two weeks in veg, increase if bugs present. Apply in flower first sign of bugs.

Bt (BACILLUS THURINGIENSIS) - use at first sign of caterpillar damage (holes in leaves), may not see caterpillars present, some only come out at night. Apply 1-2 weeks, reapply after rain.

Diatomaceous Earth - keeps bugs out of your soil, sprinkle on top, or mix into soil before planting.

Just use your best judgement, if bugs are really bad in your area increase application frequency, not to bad decrease. Bugs present, may be spraying twice a week, bugs gone, back to every week or two. Not saying I’m right but this works for me

Bud wash - definitely consider at harvest, I’ll link a video below explaining the steps, the ratio is 1 cup 3% peroxide/5gallons water.

Good luck with the grow :v:


first time i’ve seen your pittie :slight_smile: Beautiful pup :heart: and yes @Gjgkeb, @oldmarine is one of the “go to’s” I ask around here because as you can see he is well versed in outdoors and you will learn, well versed in training techniques and more. Learning a lot following his grow and posts. Welcome and good luck with your grow. Following along