Think I killed my plants ugh

Hello everyone I planted the germinated seed on 10/12 just transplanted them to bigger pots on 10/25 and they look bad or is this normal it’s my first grow

Temp day 80 night 75
Humidity 45 to 50
Light is knock off hlg 260
Fan blowing in room

The newer growth looks fine, if you have corrected the situation that caused the issue they will likely be fine.


time to feed nutes. soil looks dry

Already ? I’m useing fox farm happy frog they only been in the ground 2 weeks

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They also look droopy so being dry I don’t think so maybe ?

Hi @Andy77, what’s the soil pH reading at?
That was the issue for my seedlings. Once I got that sorted they flourished!
Good luck.
CJ. :v:

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Happy frog sets their levels to make sure cannabis has the best chance to grow.

Make sure the ph of the water going in is of course to the levels you wish to remain at.

I’d stay at water only feeds for a while then switch to cal/mag water when you start to notice real structural growth.

About a month or so in you’ll need nutrients


You may want to up your humidity levels also.

I have a small humidifier but when I plug it in it gets all the way to 97 percent humidity do you have a humidifier you can suggest with a controller

A damp towel.with a fan usually gets the job done

I have a box fan running right now and a small usb fan blowing on my light to keep it cool since it’s a knock off it runs hot the room is about 80