Think i have two different strains? was supposed to be blue cheese

From the beginning of this grow the difference between the two plants has been pretty dramatic the squatty plant did have a snipped off taproot when I transplanted it I thought maybe that was why it was so different however the structures so much different colors so much different anybody have any feedback? I’m just thinking that it may be two different strains maybe seeds got mixed up or something

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Same plant different phenotypes is your best bet. One probably leaned more towards the moms genetics and the other towards the dads


Modern hybrid strains are deeply inbred. This is an example of why it is generally unacceptable for people to breed with close family.
The human equivalent would be webbed toes on a sibling. LOL

Who’s genetics are they? Does ILGM have a Blue Cheese?
Mine came from Barney’s Farm.

Agree with @BigCat420 - different phenotypes at work there. Might want to pull a couple of clones from each just in case you end up with some kind of super bomb ass smoke! If you do it’ll be a crap shoot trying to find it again after the plant is history.

BTW - both look great despite the obvious differences!

thank you,
yes i bought them from ilgm .
i will snip some of the lower branches around harvest time and clone what ever takes.
i really like the structure of the squatty


I agree - the little bushy one would definitely be easier to work with in the confined area of a grow tent.
But you never know, that big one might have the kick!
Best of luck on your grow and cloning!!

Its called Genetics. No two seed is alike. Just
look at your family and you will see Genetics at work. This is normal. :+1: