Think i have starting stages of root rot/? How do i fix this?

Hi i am on my third week of veg (hydroponic). First grow i have ever done, the power went out for over 24hours (29hours). I noticed it the other day some spot over some of the plants. Little browing to some spots on the roots, so i am concerned that i might have some root rot happening. Please let me know thanks!

Add peroxide at 10-15ml a liter repeat for several days once daily


Thanks a bumch!

Oh no! How many plants are affected?

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3 of my hydroponics !:frowning: i got a picture of the roots to! Im pretty sure these are brown. Been doing 15ml of hydrogen peroxide. Hoping for the best


they look healthy some minor staining is normal if they are slimy and stink then you have problems the peroxide will kill bacteria and make them somewhat whiter but not much makes them pure white if there are any nutrients being used think about coffee and teeth :wink:


They smell like roots and earth, not slimy and they are not loose to the touch. Thought i had a probelm but i guess i dont!!:slight_smile: Thank you so much for clarifying and helping me!
Best regards nic

no prob my pleasure to help