Think i got hermie yellow dust and pids

not sure what to do now

Have you go other plants in your tent or just this one? Chances are they are all pollinated now, put rubbish bag over plant and chop and take away, chances are you will need to clean your tent out for the next grow … could get some seeds…

Only plant in tent

Sure looks like it.

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How big are the buds? Smokable size? Il rag some people to help u. @Myfriendis410. @MattyBear

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Guess i should chop her down and start over

Choices are either ride it out or bail and start fresh. It likely won’t develop size and potency it would’ve otherwise.

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I would chop, We’re they bag seed or fems? No light leak?
Lights from electrics ? Can turn them into hermies

They were fem purple haze from ilgm got 2 more guess ill start over no light leaks that i know of tent in my room and light is on when she sleeps maybe tgat was it or something else my noob ass did


Some times multi power plugs have a little light on them which need to be taped over, anyways chop dry and smoke what you can get off it , imho be better then nothing

Roger that commencing to choppin her down and start over

If you pull it, clean the life out of inside of your tent and everything else in it. While its empty, zip yourself inside with lights on in room and check.

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Will do @dbrn32 thank you and everyone else for the input will be at it again in a few days

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No worries. When you check for light leaks, pay extra attention around your zipper, passive intake, and ports.

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My last grow went herm on me also. Just the one plant and since it was already contaminated I grew it out . Got some very seedy bud but did get a few oz of decent smokeable bud.