Think i burned it?

This thing sprouted fast and got a little too close to the light. Question is …is it savable?


Yes, you can save it. The burned leaves will not recover, but the new growth will be fine. Have you moved the lights higher?


Dávám 80% ze 100 %na 2 moje odpovědi světlo anebo opět světlo, já bych ostříhal jenom ty spáleniny pouze a nic jiného!!! :face_with_monocle:pak nastavení světla, a ještě vítr na kytku ať v něm tancuje taky jí chladí


I give 80% of 100% to 2 my plants answer
Light or again light, I would cut only those burns only and nothing else.!!!
Then set the light and put a breeze on the flower and let her dance, it also cools her down.

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Umm…? English?

She’ll be fine. We’ve all done it at some time or another @Dmullinax


English isn’t all our members first language be patient remember this is a fellow grower trying to offer some help and google translate is just a click away :wink: We all speak same language here which is plant :slight_smile: Your plant will be fine just adjust light distance and remove burnt leaves as @Mitak17 suggested a fan will help keep your ladies cooler


How do these look got it it from a friend while mine germinate it’s star dawg cheers guys

A pic of when I got her

Are those buckeyes or chestnuts in the pot?

Uff, it’s almost in a difficult situation, but I think if you give the light right, to grow! Apomalu you start adding nutrients it will be ok to let her talk calmly

Cheers bro’s
I think it’s looking better for being in my tent for a few hours it has been.
I’m getting some meal worm and manure tomorrow morning :v:

I believe they are clay balls :v:

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Manure is too hot FYI. You probably want something like bat guano as it has been composted and is lower N.


Looks like clay balls yes and possibly coco? if it’s coco will need to be on top of your ph