Think i am close to harvest

i have three young ladies all together. 2 strawberry cough and 1 bruce banner
i am thinking the older Strawberry (1st and 2nd pics) is a maybe a week away

And i think i probably have a few more on the other two girls.
pic #3 is the second strawberry cough

pics 4 and 5 are the Bruce Bannon.

Thoughts? still a newbie here always looking to learn. tired of learning the hard way, lol

Strawberry 1


Strawberry 2



Looking good, but you got some time still to go.

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You need to check the tricombs
Do you have a USB microscope? If not amazon one they are a the same just get one with a good price.
Then you can share your tricomb images and we can help train your eye for what your looking for.

Your getting close
Your second picture didn’t load.

ohhhhh… love this site. learn something every time i sign on. i just purchased an inexpensive handheld microsope. that is amazing getting to see the trichromes so clearly. NEVER did i think there woudl be a USB model so i could get pics onto the computer (and didnt notice any in the list while i was shopping). off to shop for more gear… lol. keep telling my wife i will hold off until we get a crop or so under our belt to help offset the cost. desperately need more light for flowering but that needs to wait for tax refund check. i will pop back on once i can get some close ups posted.

here is the pic that didnt post yesterday. i think from the pistols starting to turn i am starting getting close on this one. this girl is a little stringy. her older sister had a trunk like a tree and VERY sturdy branches. this one i am needing to use some supports and twine as the buds are too heavy for the stems. i have had some breakage hence i am probably trying to rush it a little before i lose more.


Some of those are fox-tailing. Not necessarily a bad thing but when you check trichomes, make sure you look at more mature bud sites.

Edit: More than likely they are fox-tailing because of the light (too close or too hot) but I don’t know your setup and I wouldn’t worry about it now… just for future.

Caligurl, (and everyone else who takes their time to respond to help us newbies), thank you for that feedback. another day, another new word. gonna go look up foxtailing now. since i get to see foxes on my animal cam out in the woods every day, i am assuming that it might have something to do with the buds being fluffy as opposed to growing longer (will check it out).
As for the light, you are correct, these three have kinda outgrown this grow tent. not nec for a good reason. the two in back were planted a LOT later than the shorter, bushier one in the front. since they were in a sepearate area of the tent with a blurple light that was no where up to the task, they got very leggy and strectched very early. while i had tried to keep the light 12-18" above, they were going 3 inches a day not filling out, just getitng tall. lesson learned for next grow). since they went so fast i ended up with 4 plants in a 3x3 tent. again, a little too crowded and a LOT less light than needed for that much plant. (150 “wall watt” LED). the tops seem to do ok, but not a lot of penetration through the canopy. once they moved into flower and started to lose the big fan leaves i helped them along and trimmed out a lot of the non bud growth. while this seems to have helped, i am still maxed from a height perspective so the tops are under a foot from the light while the poor bottoms, not so much.
since this is only my second grow (and the first with more than ONE plant, lots of lessons learned).

I definately am pushing another week (still waiting for my USB microscope so i can post some trichrome pics), but i may handle this batch with selctive harvesting. harvest the tops, move the light to the height for the next level, and play it by ear.

The first plant of the 4, i harvested in full 2 weeks ago (just finished first week of curing). the yeild was light and further comprimised by mold in some of the buds (lots of quality time with the big scope reviewing each bud. not something i want to go through again). but more lessoned learned. i have a nice dehimdifier in the tent now that is keeping the humidity actually in the low 40’s and i stopped spraying now once they start to bud.

thanks again all.

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Same plant actually. (Dark Heart Nursery Nepali Pink) You see at the top, it’s forming like curly-q’s instead of a normal cone-shaped cola. The circled areas are also foxtails. This late in flower, you shouldn’t have white pistils growing on top of old ones… Mine was definitely from the lights. I had them on 100% and as they got closer it was just too much. A good mentor on the Forum side told me to raise the lamps to 14 inches and lower lights to 65-70%. It didn’t stop anything, but helped me on my next grow.

Here’s a good discussion from ILGM as well and can give some different ideas on why it happens.

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thank you for the pic and the explanation. very helpful (like you said probably more impact for my next grow but all this info goes into the register).

i can definately see some of this on my girls. i am only doing 12/12 for lighting, but i am still cranked to 100% (and too close for comfort).


Yeah, not too late to lower the strength of the lights for sure.

Edit: Mine started throwing nanners soon after the foxtailing began which is a PITA! better to try and stop the forward growth if possible and definitely keep an eye out for signs of hermies. This is what ‘nanner’ look like and they can/do throw pollen. I sprayed each one down with water, then used a tweezer (dipped first in rubbing alcohol) and pluck them off very carefully into a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and got them out f the ten and into a plastic bag.

ok, USB microscope finally came. still learning how to use it.

i think (from a totally newbie perspective), these look more milky than clear, but i am not sure if that is just the lighting or wrong magnification. here are a few to start.

i will try to get closer


these do look a little more clear than cloudy.

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i posted some pics from the new microscope. would love to get your opinion

So here is where we trian your eye. The heads are cloudy /milky yes but the stems are not yet you still have a fair amount of clear and no Amber.
If this is a sativa and you like a good cerebral buzz you could get ready to pull them soon but if you have an indica or prefer more of a body stone you need to wait a bit.
If you want couch lock your still a while out.

Don’t forget to tag me with @ Nicky, just because I get so many notifications Im starting to not be able to keep up unless I’m tagged.

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Excellent! thank you for that feedback… that is exactly what i needed. i just grow for my wife (she has a med card, but i am hoping to help cut our costs with our own grow. currently we are doing this strawberry cough and have some Bruce Bannon coming along for her “day weed” and she is still getting her indica (night weed) from the dispensary.
so, i will pass this along.

Thanks again for taking the time to help teach us newbies!


Bruce banner is one of my favourite strains, next try green crack!

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Yeah there appears to be white pistils left as well.