Things got a little out of control

Second week on flowering and things are getting a little out of control. Both plants are suppose to be G13 but I’m not sure it’s true.


Looking good. Do some defol at day 21. Keep up on air flow and low humidity and you gonna rock this thing !

Those dwc or rdwc ?

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Very nice

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RDWC the res is the black bucket on the right.


i wish i grew that much g13. lovely strain

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Just Supercrop if they stretch too much. I always wait until the branches is almost touching my light. Bend the branches out towards the walls. You want the top to be against the wall, it will then bend/grow upwards on its own. Everytime I supercrop, I always bloom for an extra 10 days. Try Not to Break/Tear the Bark. Great Job. :+1: :+1:

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A few more weeks to go.


Looking good dude