Things dont look right, or they do


I am curious as I am on my first grow and I am scared the color and some weird minuscule inconsistencies may be shaping on the leaves (the photos are bad but you will see on the leaves like cut outs but its kind of mini upward folding parts)… Germinted in rockwool (practice for my DWC buckets I just built) but planted them in Coco, I have done everything by the books (very light nutes like 0.4 ec once roots and seedlings where established) dunno though if i got excited with nitrogen though (kept it low) or what? Or not enough Calcium… I just want them to have the best start, when week 1/2 is over i will start my journal properly!
Thanks for help in advance!
Or I am just so anxious as its my first grow they are fine and ok lol…

@Hellraiser @dbrn32 @Enlightened420 @Covertgrower @MrPeat SORRY i just see you guys around and know you would have an idea of what is going on if im ok or not lol… this is day 5 since sprout.


For me the plant looks healthy. I only grow in FFOF soil. :+1:


What type of lighting/ water/ watering schedule/ genetics/ pH/ % of recommended feed schedule are you running?

I had a similar issue with my seedlings after transplanting into soil that I assumed was related to the soil being too nutrient rich for the seedlings to handle at the time.

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Yep, she looks great @Seeduction


Looks good to me!


My setup consists of the following:
Vipastectra 2000W (not sure true wattage) hung currently 22 inches above seedlings at 75% from 100% sine I got the heeby jeebys about it all.
My nuted are very low (250pm if that) running 0.4 - 0.5 EC just for a tickle and extra nitrogen but not much.
About to really up the dose come Sunday and see if I can see a bit more explosion now they should have settled into the coco…

Thanks for all the re assurance hope my plan moving forward sounds right!

@CitrusCircus yours looks just like what I am seeing mine become in its infant stage!

Looks fine to me.


Be careful with increasing the nutes. Thats a very young plant and you dont want to hurt it more than help it. Most people don’t start nutes until the very first little leaves fall off (cant remember what they are called)


Not knowing what you are supplementing with I would say that you should not go over about 400 ppm/.8 EC for a couple of weeks, and only after the cotyledons have started to yellow. Plant can NOT derive nutrition from soil until taproot is established so feeding now is a waste of time and expense. Wait for the cots to die back before feeding.


I agree your plant looks pretty good.

I’m not sure if everyone else identified that you planted this in coco though. I’m wondering if to pre charged the coco with calcium?

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@dbrn32 I have pre-buffered Coco and perlite mix, I also pre soaked it in a very light nutrient mix which contained 50% (0.5ml) of the recommended dose of Cal-Mag before transplanting the rockwool cube into the pot. I am not sure if I should start feeding at the full recommendation as I cant always trust the pre-buffered stuff to do the job I assume?

Do you think I should be giving it the full reccomendation of CalMag from the start?

If you guys think they are coming along fine, that’s good news lol! Thanks you!

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Ok perfect, I am staying within that range so that’s good.

Definitely wont increase feed just yet, I am forgetting the main rule of all this which is PATIENCE! Its so hard, I just want to work with them all the time lol!


If your coco came buffered you should be good.

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there are four rules to growin great weed… be patient and don’t with it is 3 of them.


Looks happy and healthy Gromie :v:

I :green_heart: this song…

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@Enlightened420 Hahahaha, perfect, before I did anything I put it on and rolled myself up… Even watching them as old men, boy did I enjoy it…

Patience I have had, on another thread for my grow journal (don’t know how to link) I think we have established a Calcium deficiency for this issue, trying to tend to it now.

This hobby requires that one virtue, this I am learning quickly :stuck_out_tongue:


They are in general, looking purdy, I am shaking in anticipation…


So I loved the feeling when things were taking off. Super exciting. But the feeling doesn’t go away. I am always looking forward to the next step. I’m always excited about what comes next. I’m currently harvesting My Pink Kush but luckily, I took a few clones a couple of months ago So I’m harvesting and starting to flower a few more. And I have a clone or two. I’m hopeful that I can have a continual grow to help scratch that itch all the time. I like experimenting so it’s neat to learn how our behaviour influence the final product.

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Amen… the biggest thrills for me that never get old are…

  1. Seeds crack and break surface of the plug… love it, never gets old.

  2. Clone takes nice root and goes in dirt. Finding those roots healthy after cloning still amazes and thrills me… nrvr gets old.

  3. Noticing the first trichome formation in flower. I get giddy.

Veg is pretty boring but once we hit fliwer I’m always exited, hard not to fiddle with things all the time. Lol I’ve messed up some pretty good bud over the years, overwatering, overfeeding,


Yeh it seems every step tickles my fancy that little bit more, the waiting on the first sprout must have been the hardest 3 - 4 days of patience to adhere to!

Now I can see a baby plant it just keeps getting better! I feel like Veg will be most of my work as I am planning to get in there with some topping and LST, considering mainlining the plants… but might save for round 2.

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