Thin wallet soil


Hi silent thanks so much I will deftly look into that.


Hi six I’m starting to lean more more into using the coco due to all the positive remarks about it I’m also thinking it’s can be a little cleaner to use to rather than dirt.


Hi NreeG, thank you very much for the welcome this forum is incredibly friendly and the 19 responses I got tells me I deftly picked the right form to join. The people here are so friendly and feel very welcome. You’re right about not going to cheap I found by doing that sometimes it ends up costing more in the long run. Since I’m only growing for myself and I’m not a big smoker I’m only going to grow maybe five or six plants at a time and as I hate to admit it it’s not so much I can’t afford it is more so that I can be a real tight ass moneywise LOL.
It sounds like Fox Farm is a good brand to use I hear a lot of good things about it I bought the three pack and I don’t think I can go wrong with that and again thank you for the welcome.


Sixpack that sounds incredibly easy how many bricks or how much coco would I need for 5-3 gallon grow bags would I need? I was looking on Amazon and had a hard time trying to figure out how much I should get. I’m thinking the coco mixed with perlite and the nutrients that I bought should just do the trick I wasn’t going to go that way but the more I’ve been thinking about it the more it makes sense. It sounded complicated at first but now it seems pretty easy to do.


The roots organics comes in varying sized bags, they even come in planter bags. It doesn’t come in brick form, it looks just like a regular potting soil. I purchase 1.5 cu ft bags, whihc is 11.2 gallons, so you can probably almost fill four three gallon fabric pots with one bag.

Also, if you go Roots Organics -find it at a local nursery. It’s twice as expensive online.


You have made a wise choice forumwise imho, I am yet to see any negative posts or straight out “you’re wrong i am right” nonsense

FoxFarm is probably the way to go for a simple feeding schedule, it seems alot of companies like to sell you 4 bottles for 1 purpose, not to say that any one product is better or worse for this but in simplicity a 3 bottle system of Grow, Bloom and Micros (trace elements and amino acids normally) is the way

As far as media goes @Sixpackdad knows his stuff and wont lead you astray.
As he said I also would recommend having a small amount of nutrients within the media so as to save money on nutrients in the long term and it’s nice for the seedlings no “hot mix” worries

From what I see with people using coco the grow is amazing and the roots absolutely love the texture. They grow quicker and with more “hair roots” which enable breakdown and uptake of the mineral salts in your bottled nutes


Hi NreeG, I went ahead an went with soil since I know that best and decided to put out a little more money on some good soil. and maybe I try the coco a little later. I have one White willow started and I plan on making her a mother and use her to take clones . meanwhile I have several other strains coming in the mail soon among them are some autos which im dyeing to try out and maybe il do a coco grow with them. Thank you for help I am very new at forums so please forgive me on some of my newbie forum mistakes. thanks again


Awesome from what I understand soil is alot more forgiving too, has shown true to me as a first timer making all sorts of crazy mistakes
Big thing i would recommend would be a TDS and PH pen it will help give your plants the correct ratio of nutes and offer some valuable ability to diagnose and troubleshoot issues

Did you go with a brand name? Ie. Canna, Foxfarm, Roots Organic etc

The long term benefits of going more natural/soil pay off in the taste and aroma at end of process, it raises the “Brix” levels which is what farmers use to rate the quality of fruit and vegetables. From what I understand you don’t quite get that with synthetic nutes… Only reading really and having smoked chemical/synthetic hydro and home grown el naturale from different sources over the years.
End of the day it doesn’t matter what you do really as long as you are comfortable with your method and happy with your results


If you were to go with coco. Here is the place to order from. The coco looks just like super rich soil when hydrated. I kept getting sent the same wrong item off amazon when trying to re order this. I was paying 18.00 for one brick on amazon. I got 4 bricks her with shipping for 35.00 The home depot brand was not bad. But this stuff has given me better over all results. I also use this perlite. I know it is a lot but it last a long time. I am on my second bag. One bag fills a 20 gallon trash can with a lot left over. Hope this may help some one.


I went with black gold and will mix it with FoxFarm Ocean Forest Organic add extra Perlite and use Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula for my fert and i think I should be good to go NreeG


Hey Not2SureYet, Thank you very much that s a great price to


Sounds like you have things sorted :laughing:
Bonus maybe that Foxfarm products aparrently work well with their own line

Keep us posted will be interested to see how you go


Will do:+1:smile: