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Hi I’m pretty new to this forum and I’m excited to get started with this. I just finished buying a bunch of equipment to get started on my new grow tent project being on a budget I was wondering if I bought just regular soil and added worm castings to it and also use the fertilizer I just ordered from Amazon called “Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula - Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom” would that keep my plans relatively happy? My other question is do I need to add the worm castings if I’m going to be using the above fertilizer I just mentioned? The last time I grew was about 15 years ago and grew my weed “Hydro style” so I’m a little new with the soil growing.


I would suggest that you stay away from any product marked: “needs no feeding for 3 months” or “moisture control formula”. These contain harsh chemical fertilizers that you can taste after you harvest and cure. There are a number of organic topsoils and potting soils available from brands like Scott’s but PH can be an issue. A BIG issue. If you don’t already have a digital PH meter; get one now. Fox Farms Ocean Forest or Happy Frog is not that much more, frankly, and is PH balanced for cannabis.

A typical soil grow (assuming the correct soil) will need NO nutes until (at least) flower. The majority of issues related here to growing cannabis revolve around either PH or excess nutes.

The FF liquid trio is good stuff and grows great cannabis.

Another option is to do a grow in coco. You can buy a big brick of it for cheap, add about 25% perlite and now you are growing in soilless!


Thanks Myfriendis410 happy to hear that I made a good choice buying FF liquid trio I also bought pH up and pH down in my pH digital meter will be here Friday I’m not sure I want to go the route of using coco as my medium I’m more thinking on the lines of getting some decent soil and adding the perlite and worm castings or would I need to use worm castings if I’m already using the fertilizer? Thanks for your suggestions and I really appreciate the help.

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Coco can also be washed and reused so that may be a good option. Myfriend410 gave you good advice. I currently use happy frog but I’m going to give hydro a try on my next . Happy growing and welcome :v:

Hi Green, if I were to go the coco route would I still be able to use the The FF liquid trio I just purchased? I like the idea that I can reuse the coco the fact that I can reuse makes it kind of a game changer for me. And yes Myfriend410 did give me some good advice which I’m grateful for what I use the worm castings with the Coco? Thanks again for your help Green


I don’t use Coco but i have looked into it. Yes you can use the FF nutes with it. I think @Familyman may use it? Or maybe know who does.

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Okay Green I’m on my way over to Amazon now to check out the coco thanks again for your help:grinning:

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I actually use mega crop but FF can be used in coco. The growth in coco is insane btw. Loving it so far and it’s cool I can reuse it.

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That’s awesome Familyman do you know if I can use or should I use the worm castings to in the coco?

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The FF nutes are designed for coco or peat as well as soil. There are different schedules to be used so be sure you get the “soilless” or “DTW” (Drain To Waste) for media like coco.

IME the root ball is so dense that it isn’t worth the effort to keep. But coco is cheaper at Home Depot than decent soil. You WILL want to add perlite which is cheaper through Amazon. My local grow friend @Not2SureYet gets it and grows some dank ass bud. He might have pricing and availability.

Worm castings are not to be used in coco. If you do you have turned your soilless media into soil. Poor soil but soil none the less. If you want to use worm castings in media you make a tea with it and infuse the media.


I would top dress it and water it in or make teas with it.

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Nevermind. Just read @Myfriendis410 post

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Hmmmmmmm this is starting to get a little complicated for me Familyman LOL I may just go ahead and use the decent soil with the worm castings Pearl light in my fertilizer even if it cost me a couple bucks more. I may just start my first row with was soil

Not a bad plan. That’s what I did.

I’m only going for myself I have a bum leg and I’m trying like hell to get off the pain medication so I think if I can find the strain of marijuana that doesn’t give me too much of a head high but does reduce my pain which is chronic I’ll be set. By the way this is a great forum the responses I love how fast the response time is. And everyone so far it’s been really friendly thanks


There are some nice cbd strains.

I use indica strains for pain relief. Gold Leaf is a good one. Easy to grow, nice yield, great smoke.


I use an amended coco and perlite mix called roots organics. It’s good to go right out of the bag and has a little bit of organic nutrients in it. It has been real easy to maintain a stable pH and good ppm levels of nutrients.

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Welcome to The Forum. You’re with a lot of like-minded people who all love growing marijuana haha this is a great place to be. Just my two cents but I use one bag of fox farm ocean Forest to one bag of Happy Frog. I mix them up and put them in my fabric pots. Welcome again, good luck and enjoy the grow. :deciduous_tree::+1:

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Welcome to the forum mate, awesome place full of information and knowledgeable people

As far as medium for frowing goes it is ultimately what works best for you, the best advice I can give however is do not be looking at the most “budget friendly” options, if the good product with plenty of reviews and r&d is a few bucks more take the hit to the pocket now and save in the long term with happier and healthier plants… I am on first grow btw so words of a newbie here still

Also there are a few strains available that cater towards CBD rather than THC, if you google cbd strains a couple sites should pop up with different ideas/available strains