Thin Leaves on Seedling?

I have two seedlings that were planted 3 weeks ago and they are both VERY SLOW to grow compared to others strains, but I am waiting. When I compare the two sisters of this Strawberry Kush CBD planted at the same time, one has very thin leaves which makes me wonder if there is a problem (or I have a sativa accidentally). I am including a photo of the sister to compare.

Strawberry Kush CBD Indica Dominant (ILGM)
Happy Frog Soil
Growing in a West facing window sill, will transplant outside when ready
Water and runoff reads at 6.0 pH
Fed once with Grow Big/ Big Bloom combo

My other starts are looking way healthier with broader leaves and much more growth by comparison. Could just be a tough strain in these conditions/ settings, but I would appreciate any advice?


The sister

There still small so sometimes they can be wonky at that stage.
One suggestion would be don’t water right around the stem of your plant, it can cause dampening off. Water the outter area of your pot to make your roots spread. You won’t get good above ground growth until your roots spread out

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Like itch says, seedlings can look deformed (wonky) but almost always grow out of it.
Look for it to start slow and then take off to the races.
If you leave them by that window and you are having cold temps that will slow em down too.