Thin Layer Chromatography - Review


The kit came with a .5-10ul pipette. This is used for putting the sample on the plate.

When creating the sample you mix 1ml of test fluid with product being tested. To activate the sample you put 2ml of test fluid in the development container. The kit included a syringe with bulb for that. I bought a 1-5ml pipette for these steps to make it easier and more accurate.
I also plan on using the pipette to make every gummy as close to 4g as possible. Consistency is what I’m shooting for.

There are 2 types of plates, glass and aluminum. This uses glass plates. The plates can be purchased large and cut but the tool to cut it was a bit expensive.

I will take pictures of every piece and post with a step by step. My neighbor has 2 samples for me that I can hopefully grab tonight and test and will document each step as I do it.


Ohhh so it’s not just paper. Gotcha.

Thnx for the update.

One thing about the pipette. You may want to check the accuracy of delivery by either measuring the volume of delivery or weight. Just saying I’ve seen those things get sticky over time and not deliver full volume. I guess I am truly a lab rat!


Thanks - I started reading and researching how to calibrate them last night :slight_smile:


Here goes @Nicky

Gloves for handling the TLC plates and the chemicals;

Tube Rack for holding Reaction Test Tubes;

Reaction Test Tubes. These are 1.5ml tubes. Good for testing flower, tincture and oils. If you want to test lower potency products you may want some 2.0ml tubes as you will need to put a larger sample in to get reading over 1mg THC;

2ml syringe for filling test tubes and developing container;

I found that to be flimsy so I bought a 1-5ml pipette;

Pipette and tips for putting samples on TLC plates;

TLC Plates (glass backed) 20cm x 40cm. Not shown as I don’t want to unwrap them. Here is a used one;

Developing container;

Dye and a spray bottle to spray the TLC plate after it has soaked in the Developing container. I believe the dye is specific to Cannabis and may be the hardest to find;

Lighter to decarb the sample on test plate;

Test Fluid. Probably this and TLC plates are bulk of expense (not sure price on the dye);

and the chart to compare red/orange dots for THC/CBD potency;

Neighbor just gave me 4 samples to test. 2 buds from 2 different strains. Stay tuned!


Awesome thanks for this :+1:


So a little of mixed reviews but some of it is my practice measuring and keeping a steady hand. Also need to calibrate my pipettes to verify. Measuring 2ul even with a pipette takes practice! 2ul is tiny and just a small variation makes a big difference.

Four samples. A and C samples where the same.

A - I got 19% THC and under 1% CBD
C - I got 16% THC and under 1% CBD (but I had an issue with the reaction tube)

Label on that one was 23.2 so a bit off.

B&D I got 16 and the label states 17.9 This is acceptable to me. Every bud on the same plant can have different potency. I have no clue how many tests the dispensary has run per plant/bud.

Measuring the CBD/THC dot is sometimes a challenge because my scale is circles and sometimes the dot on the test plate is oblong.

I also had room to test a tincture I’m working. This one was pretty close to what I expected. Decarbed 60 grams of flower in 6oz Everclear. I used my NL at 10% so
60 * 100 = 6000. I always calculate a loss of 40% so I think my tincture should have about 3600mg THC(6000 * .6).

The 6oz everclear is 3600 drops (6oz X 30ml * 20drops).

When I ran this test it came out to be exactly 1mg THC per drop. DEAD ON!

@JaneQP - any helpful advice on measuring 2ul?


You know they take the highest number and print it :joy::rofl: Thanks for doing this :v::bear:


Exactly what I was just saying!!! Wouldn’t be surprised if they look at buds under a scope and send in the best to be tested!!! :wink:


Absolutely they do! :wink::v::bear:


I’m thinking after my next harvest I’m going to take 8 samples. 2 samples from 4 buds each. I’ll test one set and send the other out to a lab. See how close it is then! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like a great experiment to me

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And then I’ll test gummies. Have an email out to the company on best way to test them.

I have a batch that I made from all the popcorn bud and sugar trim. Usually makes about 4 batches but I was lazy and made one batch. We are estimating each gummy between 80-100mg. I can’t eat them. Looking at them gets me high :smile:


isn’t 10 mg the standard dose?


I’ve heard 5mg for newbies. But yes I think 10mg. I’m in a legal state and an edible serving can have no more than 10mg.


I drink those 100mg sodas all the time and they barely get me high. I could easily take 250mg at a time haha. Kinda sucks having a high tolerance now, but… whatever haha


I’m still a cheap date!!!


Sounds like my buddy. Gave him some of the gummies thanksgiving and he ate 2. I ate 1/2 one and thought my couch ate me. Yup - I’m a lightweight


That’s me I’m a light weight my wife would roll Willie an Tommy an walk away mad


So I tried testing Gummy Bears but unfortunately they don’t dissolve in the test fluid.

Not a big deal because I test the tincture/rso I used to make them and it tests right in the range I think it should.

As far as the company I bought the kit from they have responded to every questions I ask within a few days. I will definitely be a customer of theirs for all my TLC needs!