Thin Layer Chromatography - Review

isn’t 10 mg the standard dose?


I’ve heard 5mg for newbies. But yes I think 10mg. I’m in a legal state and an edible serving can have no more than 10mg.


I drink those 100mg sodas all the time and they barely get me high. I could easily take 250mg at a time haha. Kinda sucks having a high tolerance now, but… whatever haha


I’m still a cheap date!!!


Sounds like my buddy. Gave him some of the gummies thanksgiving and he ate 2. I ate 1/2 one and thought my couch ate me. Yup - I’m a lightweight


That’s me I’m a light weight my wife would roll Willie an Tommy an walk away mad


So I tried testing Gummy Bears but unfortunately they don’t dissolve in the test fluid.

Not a big deal because I test the tincture/rso I used to make them and it tests right in the range I think it should.

As far as the company I bought the kit from they have responded to every questions I ask within a few days. I will definitely be a customer of theirs for all my TLC needs!


What kind of percentage are you getting off your tincture?

@NugFlush - You looking for the 750MG THC per Gram?

I make things different so don’t try and compare. When I make my tincture I do not evaporate all the alcohol to make RSO. I leave some alcohol to make it easier to mix into edibles. I shoot for about 250-300MG THC per ML (which is a Gram). So when I make gummies I add 2ML per batch of 50 gummies to get 10-12MG TCH per gummy.


I was just wondering if you knew the thc percentage of your tincture? Can you use your kit to test that?

Yes I can.

I have one tincute that is 200MG per ML and another tincute was 300MG per ML.

This is really cool. I’ve been looking for a legit test you can do at home. I’ve looked as a couple out of state places in OKC but I’d have to drive there and they want 7-8 grams to test. The price is the real kick in the groin $350. It’s a complete full test from THC %, terp profile & %, mold, pesticide, microbial and I think heavy metal.

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Your providing wicked info here @emgoldslo keep it up.
I’m waiting until next week but I have a bunch of old jars of misc bud laying around that I want to use up.
Still deciding if I want to make oil or if I will make dry ice bubble hash, we arnt fans of edibles but have a sour gummy kit that ide like to try as friends would love them so I’ll probably make oil.
Which will leave me enough oil for a long time. Unfortunately until I get the kit I won’t know how strong the oil is.
Could always make, test it later when I buy the kit and make the gummies after I test the oil.
From then on im going to make bubble hash because I don’t have a good way to make rso/shatter/wax.

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Wow. That’s expensive! There are labs by me that charge $50 a test.

On my next harvest I was going to spend a couple hundred to get some flower and tincture tested to compare to my tests. It’s will be a few months but stay tuned!


Glad this is helpful @Nicky

I would contact company and try to get a discount coupon from them for everyone here. Not sure if I can post it without breaking rules.

Any mods want to chime in?

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Those micropipettes are difficult! I learned to use my non-pipetting hand as a rest to steady my pipetting hand and practices makes perfect! You also have to get a “feel” for the pipette. That’s why the analysts in the lab I worked were assigned there own set of pipettes. And yes there were pipette wars when someone borrowed one. You could pipette over and over again into one contained tared on a balance/scale until you get a reliable value and do some back calcs but your thumb will get sore.

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Awesome, this is exactly what I started doing!!!

Another reason to eat a gummy and forget about a sore thumb LOL!

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Cannalytics Supply is currently running a 25% Christmas special.

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You would have to tag a mod for them to see one but I will

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Typically or general rule of thumb, that isn’t allowed. Seems silly, but we don’t want the page getting spammed with affiliate links or members profiting off others. I understand that with most this isn’t the case, as they are just trying to help out fellow growers. But if we make exception for one then we get held to the coals over doing it for everyone.

When I try to point people in direction of saving money, I will say something like “do a web search for coupon code” and most can find it.