Thieves can’t stand them!

So I posted while ago got pinched like 3 weeks early just took colas started sleeping in a tent next to the girls. Week and half later theres tornado warnings shit storming out don’t sleep outside. Get had again buddy just takes what’s left of my blueberry still have 75% of the rest been drying for 3 days now

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That sucks. Many people have to notice your plants since they’re so massive.
Thieves around here broke into, and stole a bunch of plants from a hemp farm. Imagine their surprise when they tried smoking it. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: stoopid stoners.


I seen something about that on the bottom news line on good morning America today

That’s terrible no one likes a thief. Glad you got some at least.

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thats so depressing dude. whoever stole your grow is gonna catch their Karma in the ass

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Did you say your buddy stole it? Or did i misread that part? Iregardless that sux im sorry you have to deal with that. Karma will get them back and you can be karma if you find out who stole it


That’s a hanging offense!

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A buddy would compliment you, offer to help, or help out with cost, or ask for a clone, or just about anything but stealing flowers.

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Buddy has in some guy

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Oh, Canada. :+1:

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Not sure a tornado warning would have been enough to get me inside.

My paranoia level would be through roof with plants that big so easily seen. Legal or not folks notice.

Glad you didn’t lose your whole grow


Set up some game cameras. They are fairly cheap at Academy ect…and easy to hide.

You going to the cops because someone stole it?

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There was three touchdowns not far from me and it was shit storming out. I got at least two lbs so I can’t complain I guess. Just gotta adapt for next year live and learn

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Lol if it was legal ya but what they gunna do there stretched so thin right now dealing with the meth that has exploded in the city right now it’s crazy

I ask, because why waste money on a camera if you can’t use the evidence - unless you want to go Charles Bronson on them :wink:

Exactly going to get a camera system for next year that alerts my phone

Quite the nice haul. And 3 touchdowns. Damn on both fronts.

Glad you and most of your grow made it safe.

He’s not your buddy guy, he’s not your guy friend he’s not your friend pal

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