They're dying / late flowering

Hello Everyone. Checked the trichomes and still clear, but plant is limping and dying. the stems are dry. I flipped the light 12/12 on 11/01, don’t know which week in flowering but late. Can it be salvaged? PH runoff is 6.4 and ec is 1.5

  1. Indoor Vivosun 2x4x6
  2. ILGM White Widow seeds
  3. Feminized
  4. RO water with calmag to ph it, PH 6.3
  5. PH and TDS/EC of if mixed solution? 6.3 and .8 ec
  6. FFOF 2/3 and 1/3 perlite
  7. FF trio of nutes at half strength
  8. 12/12 Mars Hydro TSL 2000, 22in from canopy
  9. Temp day 80f night 69f
  10. 45% RH day and night
  11. Lung room is bedroom. Both inkbird temp and RH controllers with dehumidifier and humidifier
  12. Ventilation system size 4"
  13. No Co2
  14. How long have you been growing? First grow
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If it were me, I’d limp it along about another week and harvest it. It looks pretty far along.


It’s too late to correct anything that might be going on. I wouldn’t worry about it. She is done growing now and is directing her energy toward ripening flower.


Get her to the finish line an harvest not much you can do at this point. You should have some nice buds. Good luck :v:

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Agreed, and potential for re-veging could be discussed. I trimmed the ugly, took th top half, and re-veged her. Today I did some further shaping-trim and LST ties.

removed top most buds (apical dom removal).

Trimmed the three buds

Top picture top leaves are the reverted back to single blade leaf. Still female, still flowering, and now awaiting burst flowering. Optimum grow conditions for PNW indoor grower., currently available.
Plans for dry/cure routine?
I use that de-humidifier inside a storage bin as a micro-dry habitat. Coffee cup warmer for Heat, the dehumidifier and a USB mosquito trap air mover. Bin has 5 jars currently mostly completed burping and 500 grams going into month two of dry-cure-AGING. Smoke daily testers.
Good growing and harvesting.

I’ve had late ones like that…just keep watering to run off. Get your daytime temps down if possible…

For future reference… Vpd and DLI… If used can increase yield and help produce great dense buds.

You can Google vpd chart… Some are written excel and you can customize for your tents humidity, air temp and leaf temp. This helps the plant grow to maximize growth potential. Yours temps and humidity… Just off the memory… At you stage… About 8 weeks flower… Late flower… Should be about 73F and 40-45% humidity.

The DLI… daily light integral…is how much light your plants should receive at a given point in its current stage of growth.

I use a light meter… The only cheap one I could find…

Setting the light height to a certain height above the canopy is a general reference… Depending on heat in your tent and the brightness of your light (umols/sec) … This could give you varying temps and DLI… Also the heat is bad for the trichs and terps.

Late stage flowering the plant needs less for a DLI than vegging or early-mid flower stage.

Also your pH may be a bit low… Try 6.4-6.5…my reasoning:

I hope that helps.

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Dli chart… Thanks @Outlaw