They'll be Ready Soon!

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Look at these the one in front will be done this Saturday it is super skunk and the one in the back will be ready on the 6th of December and that is big bud tell me what you think”

Maybe a closer picture whit your plant… This way we can see how she looks… It’s good to look at the trichomes whit a magnifier glass or use a magnifier 60x
Also I put this charts and hope will help you. 4751f2f0b7e65694473efb47615b29bb738ead89


Don’t look ready at all… how are you able to see the future… :wink:
No way to predict the do date… you have to check trichomes… :wink:
Lookin good tho… just not ready…
:v: :sunglasses:


A long ways to go yet on all of them. Flowering for most is 8 weeks minimum!


They look absolutely awesome and healthy, give them more time, a lot of more time…
Start checking the trichomes maybe in 2 weeks or so, but I think you got longer to go…
.But close up picture will be needed to give you right advice