They were fine!

I’m just starting week 7, and my girls have survived me, so far, but I had a little concern yesterday when I noticed some brown and a few tiny holes. I thought I’d taken care of problems with Captain Jacks the other night, was planning on spraying again this evening, but not sure now. Today is watering day. My soil PH was 6.8. I made a solution of cal-mag tap water, tested it was 7.4, used PH down to get it to 6.5. As you can see there are holes, some pale white spots, a little brownish yellow going on, and I’m not sure what the yellowish stuff is at the base of that one leaf (I just know I don’t want it spreading). My girls had been in a spot in our yard where the nighttime lights were close to them, so I moved my plants a bit to keep the bugs further away. The pictures show the issues I’m talking about, but how good my girls are doing up until this just started. Any sage advice on these matters? I can’t lose my girls.

In most pics I see what looks like old pest damage. You should maybe remove the damaged leaves and watch for any new damage. The damage will not heal.
The last pic shows a 3 prong leaf that is naturally dying off. May have gotten wet but is non essential anyways. Cut it off.

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Were these inside at one point and you moved them outside?

@Caligurl No, they’ve always been outside.

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The damage just looks like physical damage or caterpillars and they come out at night so you would probably not see them. I use BT for my outdoor plants along with other preventative sprays but BT specifically for caterpillars. The last pic looks a lot like phosphorus deficiency. I use Down To Earth liquid bone meal for that.

Love the kitty BTW!

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@Caligurl what is BT? I’m probably gonna feel really silly for asking, but🤷🏻‍♀️ Is it something you get at Walmart, Amazon, or a greenhouse?

Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis

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@Caligurl safety wise, can the BT be used once they bloom and up to harvest? Don’t want chemicals on my bud.

I wouldn’t spray directly on the buds… the soil and lower leaves